Trump UFO Thread

I wanted to track this in a separate thread. Trump will certainly get briefed on UFOs. He is not the type to keep his mouth shut about stuff.

We are most likely to see disclosure under someone like Trump.

He would also make a juicy dis-information agent. We won't really know how much to believe unless hard evidence is offered.

We should see people churning this idea around before very long--Trump and disclosure.
We'll probably be informed via his twitter;

"- Hey guys, guess what - you know that UFO-crash Roswell in 1947?! That UFO is now a IFO. It was actually Hillary's mail-server that broke out of orbit and entered earth's atmosphere." #CaseClosed.

"- Alien abductions are actually true. They are illegal aliens from Mexico, that dresses up like space-aliens and abducts you indefinitely - just so they could steal your job on Monday." #NoGreenCard

"- UFO's was invented by Japan - just so they could sell cheap, crappy-ass, cameras to people, and for them to take grainy photos of these "UFO's". #I-Knew-It

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We'll probably be informed via his twitter;

I think we'll only ever get disclosure about stuff where the Nuts & Bolts people could be proved correct. If Vallee or any of the more "occult" ideas are suggested by disclosure expect nothing from any POTUS until, say, there's a large acceptance of Psi and a majority of immaterialists in STEM academia. Even then it would be years out from that IMO.
Anyone else wonder if globalism as advocated by the elites (in the sense of a world with no national boundaries and a one world government) could be motivated by the desire to be allowed into the glactic civilization?

I think it might be, but if it is, it should not be done secretly.
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I will be very surprised if we hear anything from Trump about UFOs or aliens
My own guess is the elites dont want a one-world government
They want small weak balkanised ethnic regions they can easily manage and control from their transnational eyries