Upcoming Interview with Mary Rodwell + Introducing Liz (Skeptiko's assistant producer)



Hey there Skeptiko tribe,

Alex and I thought it was time I popped in to introduce myself to the community... so, here goes!

Hi, I'm Liz :)
Hi Liz, lovely! I was just thinking a while ago, where is our Guinevere? Lol, don't worry, I do talk some nonsense! (they seem to tolerate me here very graciously) Just that David is my Lancelot, Alex of course is King and TES our Standard, so we had need of a female, and here you are!
all the best, Alice


Michael Patterson is Merlin
He is! I was calling him the Jester, but that's not the same, a harlequin etc. Merlin is magic, the king's guide..Michael is fluid, witty and wise. There are also Jim, Michael L, Eric and Wormwood, clearly knights on the quest.
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Any time anyone presents a case and asks you to accept what they say based solely on them having access to secret information, you should immediately question their veracity. How would Rodwell know what "the govt" is doing in terms of cloning, aliens, etc.? How would she know that the X files is based on true events? Secret contacts in the government? Sorry. That doesn't do it for me. And isn't it strange that sometimes the government is this all knowing/all seeing body that spreads psyops disinformation blah blah blah, but when someone from the govt tells a Rodwell a story about aliens, well hey! That's the real dope! Wanting to believe is not a good thing. Using your critical faculties is.

And, again, I think she's doing harm to people, especially children, that need real therapeutic intervention by proven methods.
I want to unpick a few issues you raise, Eric. I am familiar with most of the ideas Rodwell promotes and some of them make perfect sense to me. I am sure she and I could have a decent conversation and find common ground on many things.

But, as you rightly point out, she does stray into stupid conspiracy theory areas. Sometimes I am not sure whether there is a deliberate campaign of misinformation designed to suck the likes of Rodwell in and then discredit them. However, I have been reading on contemporary cyber warfare and well crafted disinformation strategies employed by governments - so I reserve judgement on my seeming willingness to embrace a conspiracy theory.

I have to admit to knowing folk who are very smart in some areas and complete dopes in others. Its actually hard work to stay what you hope is deception free these days - and I do not know whether I have picked up informational 'malware'. If the business about Mary believing stuff about body double clones is real that just confirms to me that while she might be on the money in some regards, she is, in my view, off with the pixies in others.

We will have to listen carefully and not abdicate our duty of care in favour of a lazy session of belief.

In relation to the children stuff, I have mixed feelings. There is an awful lot of utter romantic new age guff spouted on the one hand and some clear evidence that different styles of parenting and care are not as catastrophic as we imagine. Personally I am no fan of the beliefs about 'star seed children' and the other fanciful stuff uttered. The kids I have met were little shits mostly. But I have been told some of them have grown up to be impressive individual - despite or because of their upbringing?

It is absolutely clear that succeeding generations are different from preceding ones. In the technologically advance west we are produced 'well nourished' children with no physical toughness and a great deal of sensitivity. Is that a good thing? Careful, this is actually a complex question.

Maybe Mary is performing an actual service by pushing what she is clearly a true believer in. Maybe the reality is that the 30% truth and insight needs to be nourished, protected and digested by 70% bullshit.

I want to make it clear. I am not sold on Mary. I dipped into her background long enough to recognise familiar and credible themes - and to see a lot of stuff I really do not like. Doing more than this right now is not a priority for me. I will listen to the interview with interest and then decide if I have to look deeper.


Alex, this is a discussion about what to ask Mary when you interview her.

I think you should at least ask her how many people she has treated, and how many have benefited. I guess you should warn her that you will ask that question - otherwise she can just say she doesn't have the data to hand. If she still says she doesn't know, that rather implies she either doesn't keep any notes or never follows up how people are getting on.

Also ask her for her evidence that any of what she is saying is true. TBH I'd feel more comfortable if she weren't selling this service.

Since she is your friend, just blame any unfriendly questions on us!

good points. I just completed the interview and I hope we adequately addressed this.


I agree with Eric and Michael. For me Mary Rodwell uses too much 'magicalism' (my word for a branch of magical thinking) as a patchwork of embroidered points, whereby for e.g. showing a clip of the 'balls of light' UFOs is used to confirm the validity of her contact claims. Even the title of the recommended video is dishonest; there is no evidence that his 'Mom talks to Aliens'..a veritable click-bait! This sort of approach is more liable to discredit belief.

That aside, and I know too late for the interview, I hope to hear what she plans to do with the information accumulated as a counsellor, other than write a book ineffectually 'proving' ETs exist?
I'm retired, but if I want to go back to work and I apply for a job, if they do an internet search on me and find out I have had experiences communicating with spirits I would have no chance of being hired if certain Christians or materialists were involved in the hiring process.

There is a materialist web site referring to me by a pseudonym I use saying I am schizophrenic. There is another web site run by Christians saying I am involved with demons.

And if I didn't care about the repercussions of that kind of bigotry, I don't think it is fair to subject my family to it.

Here is a excerpt from skeptiko podcast 417


Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka: ... when you bring it out, look what happens to you, you get targeted as a crazy person and this and that. So who wants that? And it stops academics from actually trying to study it because once they do, they get ridiculed and things like that happening, things very, very bad that I don’t actually want to have in my reality. It sounds glamorous and everything, those lives, but their tinged with pain and suffering and constant anxiety.

So, does that kind of give an indication of… It’s out there, yeah, and maybe somebody will take the banner and go and do the next American Cosmic 2 or something like that, but it most likely will not be me because I’ve been burned by it. I mean it hurt me.
So, does that kind of give an indication of… It’s out there, yeah, and maybe somebody will take the banner and go and do the next American Cosmic 2 or something like that, but it most likely will not be me because I’ve been burned by it. I mean it hurt me.
Wow! I struggle to remember what its like to live in a culture that behaves that way. Maybe we in Oz are behind the times in a lot of ways, but I don't sense we have that spirit still with us. Still, I don't work in any environment where I would expect to have to be fearful. So I could be wrong.

That's one of the sad things about the US - it has the capacity to harbour communities of extraordinary passion for intolerance and the presumption of being the only people who are right. Maybe its a function of population size. We are a 13th of the size of the US population, so we often don't have the numbers to make up a viable market and exert any enduring significant influence on a large scale. We do have substantial populations of moderately interested people who exert a soft form of discrimination - which is not as toxic and fairly easy to avoid, should you wish to do so.