Upcoming Interview With Michael Dowd About Global Warming


These are videos he sent to you? The package is $149, which would be fine, except the insert billing is just rah-rah. What I call jamais l’a fait.

Having “squandered our inheritance on profligate living,” we are a prodigal species. Industrial civilization and our insatiable appetites have us hurtling toward irreversible consequences – not in some distant future, but right now. The good news is it’s not too late. At the intersection of science, spirituality, and sustainability is a deep love of life and a passion for our posterity – a ProFuture Faith. Join eco-theologian, author, and TEDx speaker, Rev. Michael Dowd in a dynamic DVD and internet-based discussion course that bridges the gap between head and heart, science and faith. Participants will be guided on a journey that accepts what is inevitable, avoids what is futile, and be inspired to attend to what is urgent. Come home to reality. Embrace a ProFuture Faith!
I spend most every professional day working on carbon mitigation, global food security, sustainability and alternative energy research, RFQ/RFP development, patents and specifications/financing. Not sure that a messianic exhortation will do much for me, so I am reluctant to pay money for one as well. But who knows? I am sure he has some inspiring material.

The risk in messianic sales pitches, which are devoid of real 'rubber meets the road' analysis, technology, financial qualification and solution development, is that it turns a concern, into a panic. 'We must do something (inevitable) NOW!' and everyone ends up running off a cliff like lemmings.

My job is to ensure that my clients do not 'run off a cliff' in their exuberance. But I like the 'union of science and faith' approach...
thx for this. he sent links to the vids... I watched. I'm gonna wait before commenting. I still think chances are high he'll back out of the interview.