Were some ancient cultures much more advanced than we thought? Yes.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this recent article about a pyramid found in Indonesia? Depending on who you ask, it is as old as 20,000 years, making it the oldest known monolith ever found:https://www.scientificamerican.com/...nd-in-indonesia-was-likely-an-ancient-temple/

Interestingly, this story seems to have been buried, no updates on it at all.
Not directed at you TruthSeekeer, more the SA website report, but talk about being late to the damn party. Gunung Padang has been a well known site and under investigation for a number of years now. You can find interviews online with Danny Hilman Natawidjaja circa 2015 talking about the site. It's not breaking news to those that look at the ancient past.

It is a significant archeological site, damned with faint praise by the scientific establishment. God forbid any actual evidence call into question the narrative of how we went from hunter gatherers to building pyramid structures in the time lines supported by conventional theories and in locations not congruent with the accepted canon.

In many cases, the deeper they dig/scan at sites around the world, the older foundational structures are more sophisticated and show a higher level of technical ability in construction and scale.

Why they stymie this research is obvious - archeology is a discipline stuck in the past, and unwilling to adjust it's worldview to current research in other sciences, like geology, and improvements in ground scanning technology.

Too many tenured egos and the Zahi Hawass' of the world in positions of influence. A change to the accepted narrative of history is a distablizing event, not only to society, but to people's cheerished careers.