When did the C+S designation become worthless?

The Haven was also invisible to non-haven members - so it was really like a private conversation with a fixed set of members.
Are you sure? I thought the haven was itself sub-divided into a public and private area. My point was that there was a public area - it is still visible:
I hope that the forum taken as a whole can be useful roughly as it is. I mean I think we are wise to some of the idiots that arrive here (possibly simply under a range of guises) and we get rid of them fairly quickly. I tried to engage SD, because I think it is interesting to see how sceptics answer the evidence, but I suppose there are people who want to enlarge their horizons, and those who fear having to do that.
I agree it is useful more or less as it is. I'm not looking to shake the world here. I don't want to comment too much on any individual, especially one without the right of reply. I think we need a sceptical input, not so much because I support what they believe, but because there is a need for a reference point, something to compare and contrast.
Doesn't it depend how complicated the curious thing was? I mean, suppose you had dreamed the whole 9/11 saga, would you shrug your shoulders and say, "What a curious coincidence?"

If taken to the extreme, meaning the dream contained precise details that were unknown to me prior to the incident then no I would not shrug my shoulders. As I recall though, prophetic dreams are historically interpretive.