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Hi, your post in the coronavirus thread from Dec. 10 is exactly what I have been wondering about. Most of what goes on in cells, most DNA and RNA, is not understood at all. Mountains of detailed observations does not equal understanding. So I do not understand how it can be considered safe to inject mRNA into a healthy person. And the AstraZeneca vaccine causes DNA to enter the cell nucleus.
"A Simple Explanation" book's 10th anniversary edition is out, with expanded discussions on reincarnation and information-based evolution. Check it out!
just an FYI, when I login to my account is not a secure connection, should be showing https and its giving me a warning about it.
Alex new on here, love your site though. I check it out a bunch. This guy would be great to have on IMO, Catholic occultist and magician. I read some of stuff, great mind on all of this MAGIC, OCCULT , AND CHRIST , should get some good debate going on it but nice.
interesting. but let's stick to skeptiko stuff here. plenty of other places to go with it
“Ah love! Could thou and I with fate conspire to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire would we not shatter it to bits and then remold it nearer to the heart’s desire?”
My interests are about the events of 9/11, and the areas that have had a direct influence pre and post on the day itself. These include: U.S. Foreign Policy Intelligence Agencies Military Industrial Complex Religious Fundamentalism Middle East Affairs
Hey Michael thanks for taking the time for making the case against Trump. I appreciate the time you have spent researching this and laying it out so cogently. Nearly every point you made were things I've been made aware of at times but wouldn't have been able to lay it all out in such a concise way. BTW I thought Erics rebuttal was weak and kind of pathetic.
Keep up the good work!