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  • just an FYI, when I login to my account is not a secure connection, should be showing https and its giving me a warning about it.
    Alex new on here, love your site though. I check it out a bunch. This guy would be great to have on IMO, Catholic occultist and magician. I read some of stuff, great mind on all of this MAGIC, OCCULT , AND CHRIST , should get some good debate going on it but nice.
    Alex, how do we make recommendations for shows/guests? I think I have a pretty good suggestion for you.
    You'll have to read this from bottom to top. I tried to put this message in order, but the site still does not work for me well to do it easily and it's late here. Sorry for the awkwardness.

    Don't misunderstand me, lots of members take shots at me which I expect and don't mind, but Iyace is in a class all by himself. Recent examples can be provided if needed. I urge you to please look into this matter.

    It is a rare occasion that I engage Iyace, what usually happens is, I'm conversing with someone and he'll drop in with a inappropriate comment followed by more inappropriate comments.

    I feel he violates all of these save "threatening"
    "Your actions in this message (steve001) are not appropriate. We cannot allow users to be abusive, overly aggressive, threatening, or to "troll". This does not follow our rules."
    Dear Alex,
    I'm writing to bring to your attention what I feel are abuses foisted upon me by member Iyace, I find his continuous and unwarranted harassment annoying and a violation of these forum rules. To illustrate this here is a pm I received from Andy sometime ago.
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