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    Here is a video of Dr. Schwartz from 2019 Jeffrey Schwartz: You Are More than Your Brain - Science Uprising 16:49 19:09 19:55
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    Andy Paquette, Mask Science, Big Lie? |523|
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    This quote is from "Collision with the Infinite" by Suzanne Segal. She has a different perspective on the subject which is worth being aware of. In the quote, she explains why she 1) does not encourage spiritual practices and 2) does not suggest they should not be done. Because the collision...
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    Skeptiko Community Heart to Heart

    For moderation to work, you have to report problem posts. I think the fundamental problem is that the podcast is offensive to atheists and Christians. Once you have alienated both of those groups you don't have a large enough pool of English speakers left from which to obtain forum posters.
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    The internet is making people sick. I am trying to cut back.

    The internet is making people sick. I am trying to cut back.
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    What are you watching consciousness.

    7 part playlist:
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    Trump Consciousness

    21:50 i used to be kind of like a uh almond milk latte drinking liberal in san francisco who no matter what trump said it was always a lie and therefore whatever he said the opposite was true like seeing that that was not the case with china because i lived there and experienced life there and...
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    Kevin Day, Navy UFO Contact After-Effects |403| OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE Preliminary Assessment...
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    Music Consciousness

    Beethoven invented boogie woogie in 1821-1822:
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    Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Experience By the Numbers |502|

    Q. What is the most important thing in life? A. Meat. "To be happy we need meat. If we have meat, honey, and water, then we are happy" Q. What happens when you die? A. We put them in a deep cave and move. ... The body goes to the sun. Q. What is your greatest fear? A. Lions. And Elephants...
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    Trump Consciousness

    Trump starts at 7:56:39