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    Mark Ireland, Medium Readings Can Help the Grieving |513|

    Question at the end: do we think technology can play a role in after death communication? Well, perhaps we should look at the relationship between science and technology first, before we answer that question. Most people assume that they are one and the same and they're not. Technology will...
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    Whitley Strieber, Jesus Stuff |498|

    I was replying to Alex's comment on Josephus, following his interview with Whitley Strieber.
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    Whitley Strieber, Jesus Stuff |498|

    My post was about the historicity of a Jesus who was a very different figure from the one portrayed in the Gospels. I also described some historical context, which has been lacking from this discussion. I am not a Christian, as you assume, though.
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    Whitley Strieber, Jesus Stuff |498|

    Alex, I don't doubt that Josephus is not a reliable historical source. My point was that the disagreement between you and Whitley seemed to be within the narrow gamut of whether Josephus was reliable, or not. You're both applying a perspective gained from this keyhole vision to judge the...
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    Whitley Strieber, Jesus Stuff |498|

    Hmm. While we're on the subject of historical accuracy, or otherwise, why would Jesus have been a Rabbi? Both you and Whitley used the term, but it's an anachronism as far as the period said to be depicted in the Gospels was concerned. Rabbinical Judaism came into its own only after the return...
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    Dr. Dan Wilson, Covid-19 Mask Science |490|

    Hmm, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were just an anti-masker Alex, judging by the way you interviewed Dr. Wilson. While I'm on the subject of an ad hominem fallacy masquerading (pun intended) as logic, I couldn't help but notice how your interviewee used the terms 'anti-vaxxers' and 'COVID...
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    Dr. Doug Matzke, Quantum Computers and Extended Consciousness |487|

    It's good to know that higher spatial dimensions are today being given serious scientific consideration. I'd like to point out, though, that they had been posited back in the nineteenth century by the likes of Karl Friedrich Gauss and his student Bernhardt Riemann. They, of course, did not have...
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    Greg Moffitt, the Placebo Effect is Consciousness |477|

    Well, I think Mr Gates has enough potential malevolence to release on the world with vaccines, so please don't let him anywhere near nuclear power! As for, 'we won't be able to run the world without nuclear power', well maybe physics has also been censored and denied to the the vast majority of...
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    Steven Snider (Reculse) Has Redefined the Parapolitical Middle |471|

    I very much enjoyed this interview with Recluse and it started me thinking, which I'd like to share before independence of thought becomes totally illegal in this modern era. The vulture of globalism has two wings, so choosing one or the other feathered option that we are allowed to choose from...