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    Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Brings Science to Spiritual Practices |376|

    back in 2007 I thought sheldrake was a genius and this was exactly the kind of deep understanding the world needed. unfortunately, now, being far less gullible... this sounds exactly like the mk-ultra agenda...i.e the Fabian society trying to break down reality and cause psychosis. SHeldrake...
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    Joe Atwill Takes on Covert Culture Shapers |354|

    The criticism is obviously not aimed at your position Alex which is not dismissing the discussion. I do respect faith in general and even Christian faith...but where truth can be found, it must be found, otherwise we have the position of the sophist (or any of the hundreds of synonyms for the...
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    Joe Atwill Takes on Covert Culture Shapers |354|

    It is typical for a beginner chess player to resolve pawn tension immediately, this is known and it is because leaving the tension increases complexity and stress....but it causes stress in your opponent as well and you won't be successful if your goal is to dismiss or resolve the conversation...
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    Joe Atwill Takes on Covert Culture Shapers |354|

    Being pretty familiar with Atwill thorugh many podcasts, I would challenge him as to the authenticity of the lost sea scrolls. More specifically, I would ask him how his analysis would hold up if they were a hoax. Is this really the only peice of literature that describes the jews as a spiritual...