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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    People wouldn’t be willing to close the economy for two years even if it put their dogs at a slightly higher risk of dying over the course of those couple of years. I can guarantee you that. Besides, it’s more complicated. There’s good arguments in favor of lockdowns causing other additional...
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    Sara and Jack Gorman, Deniers Denying Deniers |515|

    Confrontation is fine. I think the moments can get awkward because many or most of the guests aren’t as comfortable with it as Alex is.
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    Mark Ireland, Medium Readings Can Help the Grieving |513|

    I took notes during the reading. It was over the phone. I can go into more details if people are Interested and list all of the details which she nailed if people are interested.
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    Doubts about the moon landings

    As more and more civilians, and people in general begin to go up into space, the flat earthers are going to have a harder and harder time maintaining their conspiracy. This conspiracy already includes all people of all nations that have been into space. And the people who provide them with...
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    Mark Ireland, Medium Readings Can Help the Grieving |513|

    If you’ve ever received a spot on reading from a medium, it will change your life. I made an experiment out of my reading. I sought out one which was highly regarded from people I know from various metaphysical online communities. I made sure she didn’t know my name beforehand, and the things...
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    Mitch Horowitz, Who Inspires You Satan or Jesus? |508|

    Mitch’s defense of Aquino (as he stated several times) was, “well there was a Satanic panic.” That’s not a valid argument. Hows everybody doing? Been away a while.
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    Dr. Dan Wilson, Covid-19 Mask Science |490|

    Or they got it and were assymptomatic. Assuming that you even had covid in the first place
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    Al Borealis, Universal Health Care Trap? |478|

    “you don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body” CS Lewis To me consciousness equals soul. They’re indistinguishable. I think a lot of people think that a soul is something they have waiting around for you to die so you can become it. But you are already you.
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    Whitley Strieber, MKUltra Flypaper |480|

    I read one of Whitleys books, I don’t recall which one. He’s got a pretty amazing story. I do tend to believe him. I also like the way that his experiences put him on this quest to understand reality. I think he has at least some interesting ideas. And, as oftentimes happens, his close...
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    Jurgen Ziewe is bringing Virtual Reality to the Spiritual Experience |465|

    I finally checked it out! I was off the internet (generally) for a while for a few personal reasons. Glad Alex had him on. But sorry I missed the boat on the convo! Although I do converse with Jurgen on occasion. He’s quite the popular guy in the Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics group.
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    Al Borealis, Universal Health Care Trap? |478|

    Jesus man, sorry to hear that you went through that. But oftentimes hospitals have programs for uninsured or low income folk. And they will work with you on payment plans. They’d rather you pay them 20 bucks a month than nothing at all. The cost of having a screwed up ankle for life might be...
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    Trump Consciousness

    I think if it wasn’t for some of Trumps behaviors and the Coronavirus, Republicans would’ve swept this election
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    Al Borealis, Universal Health Care Trap? |478|

    Im a Chiropractor and I can confirm this within my own experience. I’ve seen lots of charges for services rendered that weren’t really rendered, or were half ass rendered just to get paid. It’s easy enough for a provider to do a simple exam which might be borderline unecassary and go through...
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    Grimerica - Alex Tsakiris - Why Evil Matters

    The evidence I cite is compiled from the experience and reports of NDErs from all cultures, channeled info, OBErs, mediums, studies of reincarnation, quantum physics and maybe even the psi research and consciousness studies. There is such a thing of an objective study of these things, though it...
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    Grimerica - Alex Tsakiris - Why Evil Matters

    Yea I agree. I also do think that we need to pay respects where respect is due. It’s become fashionable to talk about the horrors of Christianity, in the same way it’s become fashionable to talk about the horrors of the white man, while completely glossing over the monumental achievements and...