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  1. TravisMontgomery

    Meditation meets scientific experiment once again.
  2. TravisMontgomery

    Need some help with IP ban at work

    Hey guys, I need some assistance figuring out why my work IP is banned on Skeptiko forums but my home IP is not. As far as I know I've never done anything to warrant a ban so I'm just curious who to talk to about this problem because there are times when I'm on my lunch break that I want to...
  3. TravisMontgomery

    Dyson Sphere Found! (No, probably not..)

    I've been hearing a lot of people at my school talking about the strange light variations from star KIC 8462852 so I thought I'd share some of the more interesting articles along with it :P...
  4. TravisMontgomery

    After for animals?

    Does anyone believe in an afterlife for their pets or close animal friends? If so, could you like NDE or anything with reference to pets :( Just lost my pet and am pretty distraught.
  5. TravisMontgomery

    Do near-death experience stories comfort you?

    Hello, once again, everyone on Skeptikoforums... As we get further in to 2015, research on the connection between the mind, brain, heart and entire body keeps pushing forward (sometimes at a grueling pace, but that's okay :)) and more information becomes available as to the possible mechanism...
  6. TravisMontgomery

    Princeton Study Observes Group Consciousness Has Physical Effects On World During Large-Scale Events

    Earlier Bill33 linked a god helmet article via lol which led me to read a few of their articles and this one caught my eye,
  7. TravisMontgomery

    Did Daryl Bem's "Feeling the Future" paper ever get any positive replications?

    Just a query for the psychic inclined here, as the title suggests, ... Did Daryl Bem's paper, that was hailed by New York Times as absurd and completely ridiculous, get any positive results during replications?
  8. TravisMontgomery

    EvolutionNews article on Rupert Sheldrake
  9. TravisMontgomery

    Come back, Sciborg, we miss you...

    Hey Sci, I just got caught up on a lot of the endless links you would post and now we can finally discuss them :P Where'd ya go?
  10. TravisMontgomery

    Advances in quantum Internet moving at light speed

    Some interesting work being done at UoC.
  11. TravisMontgomery

    "How a scientist can accept a mystical answer I'll never understand.."

    I was watching the Feynman series on a YouTube channel and I just love the section on beauty and some YouTube user has taken that section and made a video for the small section... For anyone who hasn't heard this,
  12. TravisMontgomery

    CElegans Neuorobotics

    So, I was just stumbling around and stumbled upon this video, Which I found very interesting and then decided to look in to it more at their website here, and read some follow-up articles on it here...
  13. TravisMontgomery

    What Sparked Your Interest?

    By this, I mean, your initial interest that started you down the road that eventually led here to Skeptiko. Not to burden anyone but lately I haven't had that much interest in the forum discussion or podcast here and I feel some others would agree. If anyone wishes to contribute at all I am...
  14. TravisMontgomery

    Dark matter half what we thought, say scientists

    I was looking over some articles and this one is a couple days old now but I thought some might enjoy the read,
  15. TravisMontgomery

    Strassman on Coast to Coast AM tonight

    Not that I'm a big fan of that show but for any one who is interested Dr. Rick Strassman is on Coast to Coast AM tonight talking about DMT, his new book, and states of consciousness etc. you know, his type of stuff.
  16. TravisMontgomery

    robot paralysed by choice of who to save
  17. TravisMontgomery

    Susan Blackmore - Why I no longer believe religion is a virus of the mind

    Not sure if this was covered in the other Susan Blackmore thread but I found it interesting.
  18. TravisMontgomery

    So my friend sends me an article link.. Enjoy! (Is he serious, isn't he? Who knows!)
  19. TravisMontgomery

    The Third Way

    I found this interesting and decided to link to it for anyone else who might be interested in it too..
  20. TravisMontgomery

    Matter from light?

    I thought this was interesting,