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  1. Dan_LastName

    If Extended Consciousness Went Mainstream Tomorrow, How Would the World Change?

    Thought it might be interesting to speculate in a "just-for-fun", imaginative way: How would the world change if your preferred model of spirituality, life, the universe, and everything were to be suddenly accepted by mainstream science and society? Some questions to consider: How would society...
  2. Dan_LastName

    Ways of Not Knowing

    These are preliminary notes on "not knowing". Feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged. I tend to think that the universe, life, and meaning are all great mysteries. I think it may be fruitful to share some options for thinking about "not knowing." Sometimes, people talk like we have...
  3. Dan_LastName

    Paraconsistent Logic and Its Potential for Usefulness

    EDIT: It occurs to me that I should have started with my conclusions first, to help provide some context about why some of this dry "philosophy of logic" is important to me. Let me say that before I understood a little bit about paraconsistent logic, I was mostly of the mindset that any part of...