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  1. Psiclops

    Dr. Mark Pitstick After Death Communication Shatters Materialism |468|

    I really enjoyed this interview having followed this Soul Phone thing from the start and basically am happy to sit back and see where it goes and what real evidence they can come up with. I kinda hope this A team concept - luminaries or whatever they call them - can be downplayed if this is ever...
  2. Psiclops

    Proof of Alien Abduction?

    For perhaps the first time in history a man claims he has electronic data proof that he has been abducted by a UFO. He was taken from his bed in Dallas, Texas while his iPhone was in his pocket. And his cell phone health activity app, records that he had been transported 60 feet above his house...
  3. Psiclops

    Richard Dolan, UFO Disclosure, Toothpaste Out of the Tube? |438|

    Great interview Alex. Love the way you managed to break through the usual format to challenge Richard and was delighted that he took it all on the chin and strongly argued his case - all without rancor. He must have felt comfortable to be able to tell of his flickering light experience publicly...
  4. Psiclops

    Is This the New Consciousness Breakthrough? Blind Sight....

    Here you go folks - actual evidence or even proof that this phenomenon is real. I think this TV show was in 2015 and I'm trying to check out what if any scientific papers have emerged since. But this is impressive enough. But it still leaves me with many questions like - will it work in the...
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    Is This the New Consciousness Breakthrough? Blind Sight....

    Pretty silly yes, to believe there’s a way the blind can see with a few hours training? Even sillier to claim that sighted people can be blindfolded and quickly learn to ‘see’ coloured cards and even identify letters and numbers? If it all sounds too good to be true, they say, it probably...
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    A Critical Look at the Evidence

    Do you have a link to your blog? Thanks
  7. Psiclops

    Good to find somebody who agreed with me about Dowd and Alex's behaviour. See my post.

    Good to find somebody who agreed with me about Dowd and Alex's behaviour. See my post.
  8. Psiclops

    Rev. Michael Dowd, Death-Cult Environmentalist? |435|

    Seems there has been only one poster here in any way in tune with Dowd so I hesitate to get involved. I expected as always to be against the Rev and for Alex but as the dialogue went along I realised the opposite was true for me. I do happen to agree with the 97-9% so his catastrophe stance I...
  9. Psiclops

    The Case Against Reality | Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Agent Theory

    Thanks David. Do you have a link to the pre-discussion. I can't find it.
  10. Psiclops

    The Case Against Reality | Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Agent Theory

    Absolutely great interview - actually more of a dialogue. Sometimes I had to pinch myself to prove I am really listening to a top scientist discussing consciousness as a fundamental long before humanity appeared. NDEs were mentioned and Hoffman dared to say 'God' and equate it with scientific...
  11. Psiclops

    Debra Diamond Brings Wall Street Smarts to NDEs, and Mediumship |424|

    I felt Alex's frustration when in answer to the reincarnation question Debra said it was 'religion' and she 'doesn't go there' Yes reincarnation is a belief is some religions but there again so is life after death but she does 'go there' I am impressed by the posts above suggesting why or why...
  12. Psiclops

    Interesting Study on Dreams of Hospice Patients Approaching Death

    Fascinating study involving large numbers. Thanks for posting - am sharing around.
  13. Psiclops

    Philosophical Questions About NDEs and the Concept of Life After Death in General

    To be perfectly honest the whole system claimed has always puzzled me. I have this image of a God or some super intelligent energy system as an eccentric scientist experimenting on animals - us in particular. We're like little creatures he arranged to be put on increasingly hot plates which...
  14. Psiclops

    Mod+ Remote Viewing resource thread

    Personally I'd never heard of this helmet and 'transmission' dish before - I had always assumed, and I think it has been proved with Faraday cages, that psychic ability doesn't work electromagnetically (if this is what is being claimed). What I find scary is that a huge number of people can...
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    Mod+ Remote Viewing resource thread

    Excellent validation here by one of the world's top statisticians.
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    Amazing How Scepticism is Sounding Like Mysticism! Frank Wilczek & Lawrence Krauss : Materiality of a Vacuum (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1) This link works elsewhere - why not here?
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    Towards a Post Physicalist Science

    sorry try this one
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    Towards a Post Physicalist Science

    There's little doubt in my mind that we're living through the dying remnants of physicalist or materialist science. For those of you who want a taster of some new physics which accommodates all the anomalies that current mainstream science can't explain, I suggest settling down with John Cleese...
  19. Psiclops

    George Hanson "trickster and the paranormal" : A breakthrough

    Here's something a little less serious than the nasty antics the trickster gets up to - maybe sometimes he likes to play games with us? I wrote this piece with photos for my Facebook page today. Here's the link and pix for those on FB...