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  1. diverdown

    Adamic and Pre Adamic Man/Organic Portals - The NPC Meme of Ancient Times?

    I've always wanted to revisit this, but have avoided doing so. There's probably various reasons for that, one being that I think it describes something that I wanted to forget about and just have a normal life. But the NPC meme came to life, 2020 happened, and I think it's time to revisit the...
  2. diverdown

    Why the Legal System in the UK is Wrong....About Almost Everything!

    I've recently just restarted formal education. But I was taught something that has made my head absolutely spin in the UK! I hope this isn't too far off this form's topics! Whilst I won't disclose my area of studies as I value my privacy, it goes into various aspects of Law, which I am required...