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  1. Psiclops

    Proof of Alien Abduction?

    For perhaps the first time in history a man claims he has electronic data proof that he has been abducted by a UFO. He was taken from his bed in Dallas, Texas while his iPhone was in his pocket. And his cell phone health activity app, records that he had been transported 60 feet above his house...
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    Is This the New Consciousness Breakthrough? Blind Sight....

    Pretty silly yes, to believe there’s a way the blind can see with a few hours training? Even sillier to claim that sighted people can be blindfolded and quickly learn to ‘see’ coloured cards and even identify letters and numbers? If it all sounds too good to be true, they say, it probably...
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    Amazing How Scepticism is Sounding Like Mysticism! Frank Wilczek & Lawrence Krauss : Materiality of a Vacuum (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1) This link works elsewhere - why not here?
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    Towards a Post Physicalist Science

    There's little doubt in my mind that we're living through the dying remnants of physicalist or materialist science. For those of you who want a taster of some new physics which accommodates all the anomalies that current mainstream science can't explain, I suggest settling down with John Cleese...
  5. Psiclops

    Atheists Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss Discuss Consciousness

    There is so much in this long podcast to prod posters here - and that's why I'm posting the link. I delight in reading the opinions of minds more together than my own so please guys and gals don't let me down...
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    Psychic Robots - Psi Could Infuse A.I. Claims Dean Radin

    I'm not really sure whether 'infuse' is the right word but Dr Dean Radin certainly believes that if consciousness is primary it could 'inhabit' (not the correct word either!) a robotic brain and bring with it psychic abilities. I found this interview a bit of a mind blower and initially rebelled...
  7. Psiclops

    Be Kind to Ghosts

    Political correctness now extends to ghosts, it seems..... A serious criticism here of macho ghost hunters who don't respect the spirits.
  8. Psiclops

    Watch This Guy Put Animals to Sleep by Hand Waves! Comments?
  9. Psiclops

    Was the French truck attack foreseen by a remote viewer?

    Posting this here because I think it's worth discussion and maybe got lost in the Remote View Resource thread. You can read it there on this link
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    Replications of chick PK experiments?

    Our fellow member and Skeptiko interviewee Dr Piero Parisetti has blogged here: about that famous French experiment involving chicks and rabbits and a RNG robot. You will see my comment below the piece asking why no replications after all these years? Actually...
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    A New Study Shows.......

    I couldn't access the above link in the UK but could via FB below...
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    Nano-scientist Tightlipped About Crop Circle He Claims Formed Around Him

    Here's a story I've just helped put together with my friend Colin Andrews. 'Why won’t nanoman Chris H. Cooper reveal details of the crop circle he and six others saw form?’ By Colin Andrews (USA) - with further research by David Haith (England)
  13. Psiclops

    Are There 'Antenna' People?

    I met a guy called Mark on a bench on Bournemouth beach last week...... We chatted about the weather and then into the conversation I threw in the fact that I was interested in UFOs. That opened the floodgates to a mass of weirdness he'd experienced. He'd seen two UFOs, golden balls in daylight...
  14. Psiclops

    Sam Harris in Conversation About Consciousness with Philosopher David Chalmers I'm posting this having heard only a few minutes so far but am fascinated where this is going, because I thought these two might be on different sides of the fence. In disagreement with Dan Dennett's view that consciousness is an...
  15. Psiclops

    Full Account of a James Van Praagh Mediumship Demonstration

    Blogger Jennifer Carter documents her first ever visit to such an event and gives her honest opinion. I have tried to post a link here to this blog but I get that notice about no valid certificate although I have no problem in accessing it from my home computer. If you Google The Search for...
  16. Psiclops

    New Morgan Freeman Documentary on God One line quote I spotted in this trailer from Sam Parnia: "When somebody dies, the soul does not become annihilated"
  17. Psiclops

    Has This Guy Busted the UFO Cover-Up?

    Hot off the press from a very recent Coast to Coast American radio show is this interview with Tom DeLonge who claims he has information to break the whole UFO issue into the mainstream. If you don't have the time for it all run it through to around 1 hour 20 minutes to his main revelations...
  18. Psiclops

    Are NDEs Pinned to Religions or World Views?

    I know this subject has been touched on many times on these forums but thought it deserved a thread of its own. Basically I'm asking, do Christians see Jesus and Biblical images like angels, Buddhists see Buddha, Hindus Krishna, Atheists just a bright guiding light, etc and are there any studies...
  19. Psiclops

    New Book Says NDEs Are All Physical A new book out in May suggests NDEs are all physical - our instruments just aren't good enough to show brains still working. “We may find in some patients we thought had lost all brain function that in fact their brains were functioning at a level undetectable by...
  20. Psiclops

    Comedian Camps It Up From The Beyond

    Here's something controversial which should prompt a comment or two from you.... It's the recording of a seance with the late UK medium Colin Fry and the deceased communicator comedian Kenneth Williams complaining bitterly about a British TV show on his life which I vaguely remember watching...