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  1. The King in the North

    Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA

    The YouTube comments are hard to read on the video, it's nothing but hand waving away the data/everything these presenters said from these arm chair scientist/psychologist or long post on how there isn't life after death because we are biased and easily manipulated, we want there to be life...
  2. The King in the North

    Graham Hancock, Carlson, & Shermer on JRE

    I never read any of his books but I've watched plenty of interviews and a lot of his YouTube videos. I suppose I would start with either Fingerprints of the Gods or his newish book Magicians of the Gods.
  3. The King in the North

    Graham Hancock, Carlson, & Shermer on JRE

    I watched it live, I thought Shermer and his Skeptic buddy came off pretty bad, the whole "I put up basically, an attack piece against Mr. Hancock online" was ridiculous, shows the mentality of Shermer and his buddies. A lot of comments were saying Graham was too emotional but he gets...
  4. The King in the North

    Rational Arguments for God?

    It's always been baffling to me how anyone can take a hard stance on anything, really, well, when it comes to certain topics, that might sound crazy. Skeptics said no human could ever fly, skeptics said no human could walk on the moon, skeptics said there no such thing as tectonic plates, etc...
  5. The King in the North

    ---Introduce yourself---

    Nice to meet you too :)
  6. The King in the North

    ---Introduce yourself---

    Hello to everyone, My name is Kyle, I've been following this forum and watching/listening to Skeptiko for a while now and decided to join. I appreciate what you guys do here and hopefully I can contribute to the conversation.