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  1. lhl

    Spiritistic seances

    A couple of days ago Michael Prescott wrote on his blog about a British medium by the name of Gary Mannion, who was exposed as a fraud by some hidden infrared camera footage. The videos can be seen here and seem quite damning to me. Beside a casual interest, I have never seriously looked into...
  2. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris on the Rune Soup podcast

    Alex talks to Gordon White on the Rune Soup podcast.
  3. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris on Shattered Reality

    Alex talks to Fahrusha and Kate Valentine on the podcast Shattered Reality.
  4. lhl

    Richard Tarnas on Synchronicity: Its History Before and After Carl Jung

    An interesting talk by Richard Tarnas on synchronicity.
  5. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris on The Gralien Report

    Alex talks to Micah Hanks on the second hour of The Gralien Report. The interview begins at approx 52:00.
  6. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris on The Paranormal Podcast

    Alex talks to Jim Harold on The Paranormal Podcast episode 383. The interview begins at 29:30.
  7. lhl

    Martinus Thomsen - A Scandinavian Mystic

    Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981) was born in Denmark and had a humble upbringing. He only received a very basic education, but at the age of 31 he underwent a profound mystical experience. According to Thomsen this experience left him with a permanently expanded consciousnes which enabled him to...
  8. lhl

    Grimerican Roundtables Take 4 - Alex Tsakiris, Conner Habib, and Red Pill Junkie

    A freewheeling conversation on Grimerica with Alex Tsakiris, Conner Habib and Red Pill Junkie
  9. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris on Binnall of America

    Alex is interviewed by Tim Binnall on Binnall of America here.
  10. lhl

    The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick

    In 1974 the well-known sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick had what can best be described as a religious experience. ( Though I suppose someone unfavorably inclined towards such matters would call it a psychotic breakdown). His account of the experience was later turned into a comic by Robert Crumb...
  11. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris on Edge of the Unknown with Mark Henry

    Alex interviewed on Edge of the Unknown radio show hosted by Mark Henry. Link to mp3 here.
  12. lhl

    Alex Tsakiris interviewed on Where Did the Road Go

    Alex is interviewed by Seriah Azkath on Where Did the Road Go? :
  13. lhl

    Grimerica Talks to Alex Tsakiris

    Darren and Graham of Grimerica talk to Alex Tsakiris
  14. lhl

    Interview With Raghu Markus and David Silver, Mindrolling Podcast

    Alex Tsakiris is interviewed on Mindrolling Podcast by Raghu Markus and David Silver.
  15. lhl

    Interview With Miguel Conner, Aeon Byte Podcast

    Miguel Conner does an interview with Alex Tsakiris on the Aeon Byte Podcast. The interview begins 15 minutes into the podcast:
  16. lhl

    Spirituality in Higher Education, and the Example of CIIS

    An interesting talk by Robert McDermott based on the example of CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) on the challenges - both philosophical and practical - that arise for an academic institution that affirms spirituality:
  17. lhl

    The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner

    "The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner" - a recent documentary on Steiner's legacy and what import - if any - his work bears for us today. The documentary consists of interviews with various different people who carry on the work begun by Steiner or whos spiritual path in one way or another is...