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    Is Caroline Watt misrepresenting Stargate research and Parapsychology research in this article? She basically says that Stargate found no practical use of Psychic abilities (not sure about that) and that there is positive and significant evidence for ESP but...
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    Split brain does not lead to split consciousness New study finds unity of consciousness in split brains, opposing the common view that split brain = split consciousness. Thoughts?
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    Scientists 'switch off' self control using brain stimulation The article is nowhere near as over the top as the headline. I'd be interested to see if the study is as low powered as most neuroscience research is and if it's been replicated. What's...
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    Reddit thread with some blatant NDE's in it
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    Stargate/US remote viewing files

    Dean Radin keeps saying the US military experiments on remote viewing are now unclassified - does anyone know where to access them? Thanks in advance! Cheers! Roberta
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    Chico Xavier

    Has anyone here heard of the Brazilian Psychography medium Chico Xavier? Just found out about him today - his work seems impressive and he seems like an impressive guy, he sold millions of books and all the proceeds went to charity.
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    New Afterlife/PSI blog - we should all support it

    Hey guys I came across a newish blog that seems pretty good. Given a few proponent blogs have run down lately I thought we should check it out, share it around and support/comment if possible. If you're interested you can access it here:
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    James Randi's million dollar challenge finally terminated.
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    Great new talk by Dean Radin

    Great talk by Radin, probably his best yet, he also seems more quietly confident about psi being accepted and becoming more mainstream within ten years - if anyone has the time watch to the talk and we can have a discussion about it. Cheers! Robbie
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    Russian Millionaire wants to upload our minds to computers - thoughts? I'm extremely skeptical this is possible, and even if it is - 30/35 years? I don't see that as possible What does everyone here think?
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    AI program beats human 3-0 at ancient Chinese game GO - thoughts?

    What's people's views on this?
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    Message for proponents

    Hey guys Before I say anything else - I wanna say how much I like this forum and how friendly, interesting, helpful, intelligent and open minded everyone is. I have always noticed how well organised the skeptical community is - it gives it an air of credibility that is probably doesn't...
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    Five hard to swallow facts about paranormal research

    Hey guys and girls. Please give me your thoughts on this and reply to the author too. He replied to me and some support would be good - he's making some pretty big claims.
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    Five year old Ramses Sanguino examined by doctors after mother claims he is telepathic

    What are your thoughts then guys and girls? It's good to see the researcher saying they accept Telepathy! Further research needed IMO.
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    Interesting reading with a Non Believer

    Came across this yesterday - what do you all think?