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    Mod+ Plant Intelligence|NSNS|2014-GLOBAL-hoot From the thread on the CD section.
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    Plant Intelligence? Unfortunately there's a paywall, but to me this is perhaps an indicator that nature is suffused with...
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    Quantum AI?

    "Quantum computing will allow for the creation of powerful computers, but also much smarter and more creative robots than conventional ones. Scientists have now confirmed that quantum tools help robots learn and respond much faster to the stimuli around them. Quantum mechanics promises to...
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    Are We Really Conscious? Asks Michael Graziano. "OF the three most fundamental scientific questions about the human condition, two have been answered. First, what is our relationship to the rest of the universe? Copernicus answered...
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    Quantum entanglement made tangible "EPFL scientists have designed a first-ever experiment for demonstrating quantum entanglement in the macroscopic realm. Unlike other such proposals, the experiment is relatively easy to set up and run with existing...
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    Living in a Quantum World.

    The article is about three years old, but it's very good: "ACCORDING TO STANDARD PHYSICS TEXTBOOKS, QUANTUM MECHANICS IS THE THEORY OF THE MICROSCOPIC world. It describes particles, atoms and molecules' but gives way to ordinary classical physics on the macroscopic scales of pears, people and...
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    Quantum Biology lecture/debate

    Description "Can the spooky world of quantum physics explain bird navigation, photosynthesis and even our delicate sense of smell? Clues are mounting that the rules governing the subatomic realm may play an unexpectedly pivotal role in the visible world. Leading thinkers in the emerging field...
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    Mind-Matter Interaction at Distance: Effects on a Random Event Generator (REG) Abstract: We used a new protocol to test whether subjects could influence the activity of a distant random event generator (REG). In a pilot study, participants selected for their strong motivation and capacity to control their mental...
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    Dark Matter found?
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    A debate between a skeptic and me.

    Hi all. As the title suggests, I'm having a debate between a skeptic on the noetic science discussion page. I'm curious to know where I'm going wrong in my arguments (my username is marcusantonio91, his is noetpoet), and where I'm going ok...
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    PA Conference abstracts The Dianne Powell thing looks alright actually. They were in the same room, but the two were blocked from sight, and the whole thing was recorded with HD, timestamped cameras, and...
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    Recent paper on NDE memories

    Bear in mind, this doesn't necessarily mean that the experience was outside their heads. However, it does suggest that the experience was 'real'.
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    Interesting ESP experiments.

    Make what you will of the site, it's not particularly credible. However, the scientist in question is presenting her work at this year's parapsychology conference in Concord. So enjoy.
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    TED Talk with David Chalmers

    Nice talk with David Chalmers here. Avoid reading the comments if you enjoy having wrists that aren't mutilated and an optimal blood supply.
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    Resource Thread

    As per request. I'm making a resource thread for us all to deposit parapsychology articles and references at our leisure. I'll start with Dean Radin's list. But of course, the more, the merrier. Duane & Behrendt (1965). Extrasensory electroencephalographic induction between identical twins...
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    Consciousness on/off switch? Seems to be rather contradictory though. The person was apparently awake is what it seems to say.
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    Talk with Anton Zeilinger

    A talk from Anton Zeilinger on quantum physics at the University of Cape Town
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    A couple of papers that replicate the presentiment experiment

    Hello all. Just found a couple of papers on presentiment. Unfortunately there's a feckin paywall. But the abstracts give a good idea of what they're about. And Enjoy!
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    Sheldrake/blakemore debate Sheldrake appears to have pissed of Dennet something awful.
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    Reincarnation thought experiment.

    This is just something that occurred to me recently. If consciousness and awareness is fundamental, as is becoming more prominent. Then reincarnation as any kind of being, is almost a certainty. I don't imagine that it would include memories of a past life, as they seem intimately tied to the...