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  1. john.sundog

    Jeffery Martin introduces free version of his "enlightenment" course

    Jeffery Martin (Skeptiko 267) has just released a free version of his fee-based online course, the Finders Course, at His science-based experimental online course has been run four times and the fifth run is ongoing now (FC5). I'm participating in that...
  2. john.sundog

    Mod+ Homeopathy - beyond the ridicule

    Homeopathy is becoming a poster-child on the forum for a topic committed 'skeptics' are told to go kick around, leaving more respectable topics in peace (perhaps tongue-in-cheek in some cases). Homeopathy was discussed in a few threads in the old forum but, since it's being used as a laughing...
  3. john.sundog

    Help needed in setting the tone: Who's in favor of abrasive behavior?

    Yes, I know the thread title is loaded. The only people in favor of consistently abrasive behavior are, I most sincerely hope, those who habitually engage in it, and perhaps not even them. Some others tolerate it with various degrees of good will or grudging resignation. Those two groups, the...
  4. john.sundog

    Mod+ Rupert Sheldrake's DIY On-Line and Off-Line Psi Experiments

    This thread is devoted to the do-it-yourself experiments posted by Rupert Sheldrake at his website, For the purposes of this thread we're assuming psi is real; if you believe that is not the case, that's a different topic, but please still consider doing Sheldrake's experiments...
  5. john.sundog

    Mod+ Can you make a cloud disappear? An informal Skeptiko experiment.

    I hope this post complies with the intent of this topic - I think it does, and I think many may find it interesting because it's something you can try yourself. If you do, please post your results - I'm genuinely curious about this. I'd be grateful if we could approach this with the agreement...