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    Music Consciousness

    Beethoven invented boogie woogie in 1821-1822:
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    Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Experience By the Numbers |502|

    Q. What is the most important thing in life? A. Meat. "To be happy we need meat. If we have meat, honey, and water, then we are happy" Q. What happens when you die? A. We put them in a deep cave and move. ... The body goes to the sun. Q. What is your greatest fear? A. Lions. And Elephants...
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    Trump Consciousness

    Trump starts at 7:56:39
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    Really good post on enlightenment here: I talk to lots of people about meditation, sometimes up to 15 per week, sometimes as few as 1-2. ... Almost none of them get that THIS IS IT. ... By "it", I mean: 1) The...
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    Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Experience By the Numbers |502|

    Communication in the realm of extended consciousness often involves interpretation that the experiencer doesn't even recognize as interpretation. When you are communicating through images and "knowing" or feelings and you try to interpret it with a brain, all sorts of associations, memories...
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    Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Experience By the Numbers |502|

    I think people will have different opinions on what signifies "this realm" and "outside this realm". But my opinion I think consciousness is "outside this realm" because psychic phenomenon do not seem be be limited by distance, time or other physical laws. It is not easier to see a zeiner card a...
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    The SJW and equality movement

    Some people might have different opinions about what success is and or the importance of success but I think this research is relevant to this thread.
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    The SJW and equality movement Just who is it attacking Asian Americans? Remeber this? KNOCKOUT: Sick Game Spreads across country as Teens Attack & Kill Random People
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    Trump Consciousness

    Please be aware that I started this thread for posts related to Donald J Trump. If you want to discuss other subjects you can create a different thread for that. And if you want to move your posts into a more appropriate thread, the moderator can help with that. Thanks
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    Trump Consciousness

    Trump "communicate(s) directly with his followers through comments, images and videos" at: I thought he should have done this long before he got banned from twitter. Former...
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    Pizzagate. Plus, Ex-FBI Undercover Agent Bob Hamer |357| New photos show Epstein and Maxwell were VIP guests in Clinton’s White House
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    Trump Consciousness Donald J. Trump Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. So many people would like to thank the brave and patriotic Republican State Senators from Arizona for the incredible job they are doing in exposing the large scale...
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    Math Consciousness

    A Mathematician’s Lament by Paul Lockhart The first thing to understand is that mathematics is an art. The difference between math and the other arts, such as music and painting, is that our culture does not recognize it as such...
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    Free kindle ebook on meditation and on-line course based on teachings of Shinzen Young

    In unified mindfulness, there are three general categories of objects of meditation: seeing, hearing, and feeling. These are specifically divided into two subcategories each: inner and outer. Seeing out is what you see with your eyes. Hearing out is what you hear with your ears. Feeling out is...