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    Google Medic Algorithm change

    If anybody is interested. This sounds rather technical and uninteresting and I know its a far cry from the usual topics on this forum. But it's important. The tentacles of Big Data and Big Business extend everywhere in pursuit of private profit and power, to engulf and devour. It looks like...
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    Problems with the Multiverse

    Answer: they both require a great leap of faith - it's just that the theists are more honest about it. Moreover,
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    How to Hack the Afterlife

    The latest transhumanist AI futile nonsense - an article on venture capital taking advantage of this: .....To the clunky urns and graveyard grievings of yesteryear, RIP. A growing number of artificial-intelligence startups are stirring up the business of eternal rest with a techno-futurist...
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    Blackmore to present lecture to SPR

    The British Society for Psychical Research (SPR) seems to have come upon a rather sad state. On their website they just announced an SPR lecture by materialist and psi skeptic Susan Blackmore, coming up Dec. 4. At : "In anticipation of the...
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    Received "New reply to watched thread" email but reply not posted in thread (??)

    How to explain this? Post deleted after email sent?