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    Dr. Eben Alexander, NDE Science Wins Out |504|

    Maybe not. People have had visual features in NDE's despite being blind from birth.
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    Skeptiko Community Heart to Heart

    IMO the podcasts pivot from engaging with scientists, critics and philosophers on consciousness to talking about conspiracy theories and religion was always going to end up in the accompanying forum being swamped with conspiratainment enthusiasts. Alex is free to do what he wants, and frankly I...
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    Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Experience By the Numbers |502|

    May be a hasty conclusion.. will keep reading.
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    Could that be a conspiracy ? To manipulate world view

    If its all just been a psyop to trick people into believing in psi its one of the worst ones of all time.
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    Terje Simonsen, The Future of Parapsychology |496|

    Welcome to Skeptiko. This podcast isn't an advertisement, it's a discussion between Alex and the guest about things that interest Alex.
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    Matthew Alper, Have Skeptics Lost Their Edge? |448|

    He ties nu atheism to Epstein without any evidence, no citations, just read and believe me. Oh but they also went through hardships at a similar time? Sounds like proof to me.
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    I despise facebook, and the group discussions are hidden to non-members. I would like to read it though.
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    It comes up a few times in the Leslie Flint archives. Here's an example And this is a more comprehensive assessment, though not complete, from the same source - What other mediums do people rely upon? I know of Edgar...
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    I would love an interview with Cyrus just to see Alex and him compare notes and see if there's any incongruousness between them.
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Much of the core experience is very similar, that the afterlife is more akin to a world constructed by thought, that individuals can communicate beyond language barriers in what seems to be a mind to mind connection, that people tend to do the same sorts of things they did in real life into the...
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Hard to argue for this when most schizophrenics appear in early adulthood. If it was purely cognitive there wouldn't be such a narrow age range, rather it would be more likely for a person to become a schizophrenic as they get older. Maybe there is more to this idea though, of course.
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Yes, I will do that if I can get the regression done. I'm not terribly familiar with LBL regressions, but Dolores Cannon is at least as well known as Michael Newton in the field. There was also a guest on this show who performs them...
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Continuation - I'm going to take us through some of the few claims made in the methodology section of the first book of michael newton. page 3. People in hypnosis do hallucinate, and do experience hypnagogic imagery if they are taken deeply enough, though these are usually if not always...
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Grants treating Newtons books like a bible, which I think is unwarranted. Newton claims to have thousands of transcripts of sessions which corroborate his findings, yet seems to cite only about 3 specific people for each of his three books that I had read (names of his sources are not given...
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    Trump Consciousness

    In my opinion the disagreement between leftists and rightists about Trump come down to a fundamental difference in morality being employed and reflects more often than not our tribalist tendencies. The difference I see that is employed is that people on the right are okay with Trump if he 'wins'...
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    Trump Consciousness

    Alex doesn't support Trump as far as I'm aware so I don't think a single Trump thread can be said to represent the forum, also its high post content is almost entirely a couple posters and twitter reposts at this point which inflates its apparent importance. Threads like these exist because the...
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    Richard Dolan, UFO Disclosure, Toothpaste Out of the Tube? |438|

    Why borderline personality disorder?
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    Observing ‘Irrational’ Human Behaviour.

    I hate to spoil it for you guys but when I posted that I was paraphrasing a puzzle I had heard in psychology some time ago, the exact wording was (as we're all aware) not the point and is beyond my memory.
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    Observing ‘Irrational’ Human Behaviour.

    On irrationality: In psychology we find that people operate with 2 primary tracks which we call the dual process theory. The first track, which is used the most is called the implicit track which operates on the sub-conscious level, is comprised of 'heuristics' and is automatic in nature. The...