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  1. Wormwood

    Intentionally initiated OBES vs NDEs

    I do not remember which shows thread this occurred in, but some time back I was attempting to explain why I feel that “non-traumic” OBEs are a more valuable form of data (depending upon the experiencer) to be used in our understanding of these “afterlife states.” I was having a difficult time...
  2. Wormwood

    Experiences with the “11:11 phenomena.”

    When I was a child I happened to experience the 11:11 phenomena quite a bit. I just found it a bizarre coincidence and didn’t put much thought into it. Several years later I learned that many consider this to be a sign from the “other side.” Several weeks ago I asked aloud to my guides, dead...
  3. Wormwood

    Best informational piece on Sacred Geometry?

    I think it’s past due time that I begin grappling with this topic. It’s implications towards the things we discuss here are obvious. Does anybody have a good book or informational piece they can reference as a good introductory piece? And if you’ve informed yourself on the topic, do you have...
  4. Wormwood

    Your favorite Paranormal/Consciousness/Spriituality Podcasts?

    I want to discover new podcasts and I figure this would be one of the best places to learn about other Podcasts. Some of my favorites are Grimerica, Mysterious Universe, Higherside Chats, Buddha at the Gas pump, The Paracast, and (off topic) Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. There's several...
  5. Wormwood

    Buddha at the Gas Pump (with Jurgen Ziewe)

    This two hour podcast has enhanced my understanding of the "other" like nothing else I've ever encountered. These prolific and genuine astral-travelers are our most valuable resource for understanding these things. Much more valuable than NDE' experiencers in my opinion. And I'm beginning to...
  6. Wormwood

    Bob Larson

    Bob Larson seems to be gaining more popularity lately. How many of you have seen this guy at work? It's jaw-droppingly hilarious/sad. Don't forget to make a large donation to him after watching his exorcism video (which I'll link to below), he will be sure to provide the links for the donations...
  7. Wormwood

    The Science of Re-incarnation

    Fantastic short video on the science of re-incarnation. It covers some of the research which has been done including a couple of noteworthy cases. The evidence for the reality of re-incarnation is extraordinarily strong in my opinion and VERY difficult to explain away.
  8. Wormwood

    The Sasquatch People

    This is an interesting video. Of course it needs to be taken with at least a grain of salt, but the man does seem in tune with a lot of the things which we spiritual and consciousness seekers/experiencers affirm. He says a lot of things that most of us on this forum would agree with, even if...
  9. Wormwood

    Lucid Dreaming

    How many of you have experienced lucid dreaming? It is the contention of a great number of knowledgeable people that when you dream, you are "out of body", particularly when your dream is lucid. I had experienced a great number of lucid dreams as a child. I still have them but they are far...
  10. Wormwood

    Were some ancient cultures much more advanced than we thought? Yes.

    Great Podcast with Joe Rogan and a couple of archaelogists who suggest that around 13,000 years ago, we were much more advanced (at least a great portion of us) than previously thought. Evidence shows that the great sphinx was built much much longer ago than thought, as was perhaps the great...
  11. Wormwood

    Great scholarly study on Eastern V Western life intermission memory

    One of the most informative and important reads I’ve personally come across in some time. Great academic rigor...
  12. Wormwood

    SHARED death experiences (better evidence than NDE's)

    A very commonly reported occurance, though not talked about as frequently in NDE circles is the SHARED death experience. These are people who are at the bedside of sick people and experience the death of the person in a profound spiritual way. This can take shape in many forms (im currently...
  13. Wormwood

    Wanting to personally test a medium, know any good ones?

    I'm reading Leslie Keans book (Alex did a podcast with her), there is a large portion on mediumship and "controlled studies" involving some really fascinating cases therein. I'm intrigued to the point where I really want to try it out on my own. I certainly am not just going to go the purported...
  14. Wormwood

    A brief summary of paranormal entities based upon years of study

    Firstly, I am an amateur. I am not a pioneer. I do not communicate with spirits. I do not "ghost hunt." I am not a professional demonologist. What I do have as over 10 years of cumulative knowledge built by spending most of my free-time (not anymore) reading anything I can find on the topic...