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  1. Vault313

    The Universe as a prison

    Hello all! I just finished listening to the latest episode from The Higherside Chats featuring an interview with Tracy Twyman. It was interesting for sure. But I find her opinion on "what's really going on" to be exceedingly pessimistic. In a nutshell, she believes that we are in a "prison...
  2. Vault313

    The End of All Evil

    This is an absolute must read. Put aside all thoughts of nationality, put aside all beliefs and read it in its entirety, even if you disagree with some of the sentiments, read it to the end. It's only 98 pages but probably the most important 98 pages anyone could read...
  3. Vault313


    These goddamn prophets! They keep pushing back the release date for Armageddon! If they push it out one more time after this, I'm cancelling my preorder!
  4. Vault313

    Carl Jung's Red Book

    This is kind of old, but hey, behind the times is how I roll. Anyhow, it's an interesting article on how the Red Book came to be published, and an overview on what all the fuss is about. On the subject of evil and...
  5. Vault313

    Famous(?) Atheists answer: How does your life have meaning?

    Taken from the sludge bucket of humanity,aka, Buzzfeed: As expected there are your token "religion is childish" quotes along side "religious fairies" and the typical "atheists are the only ones with the courage...
  6. Vault313

    The Cognitive Theoretical Model

    Not sure if anyone has heard of this guy : He has reportedly composed a "Theory of Everything" of which I am still in the middle of reading. A pdf of his theory can be downloaded here: An excerpt from one of his articles Quite an interesting guy. Thought I'd share.
  7. Vault313

    Evolution and Physiology: a new synthesis

    Incredibly informative talk given by David Noble, where he takes on Dawkins Selfish Gene hypothesis, neo-Darwinism and gene-centric evolutionary theory.
  8. Vault313

    Is Atheism trendy?

    Is atheism or secularism indeed a result of a more educated populace, or, in the west especially, is it more of a form of social conformity? As a society whose focus is more and more on science and the material (and by this I mean both as a philosophy and an economic model) are people turning...