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    Musicians hellish NDE from Covid

    Check this out:
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    NDE’ers experience seeing a living person from NDERF website...questions/opinions

    I read the latest NDERF NDE posted on their site for 3/14. The young man had an NDE in which he saw Kid Cudi (a rapper) who is very much alive, in his NDE . Did a little research, it turns out that rapper was the boy’s favorite artist and the song he heard in his NDE with lyrics heard in NDE...
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    Jesus’ Existence

    I am having trouble finding an accurate answer to what I thought was a simple question: Do most historians believe that Jesus existed or not? on Wikipedia (I know not necessarily the most reliable) it says : most historians believe Jesus existed . then on big think , it says most believe he...
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    Huge differences in NDE’s

    I am almost 2/3 thru the recent book release by IANDS, the foundations of near death research which covers a lot of articles from the journal of near death studies and I am kind of embarrassed. I pride myself on being very well versed on ndes and have read so many books, articles, blogs and...
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    Mental Illness, the afterlife, and people's judgements

    These forums are barely active anymore except for the "show" section. But I'm still hoping this generates a decent dialogue. But if not, at least i vented and got my feelings out becuz I been aggravated about something for a while now, and just finally decided to post about it. One thing that...
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    OBE's... I guess it's all in the ears

    Have fun reading this silly proposition: Could out-of-body experiences be caused by EAR damage?
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    Tried to pray, realized how stupid it was.

    I had a weird experience tonight .. wondering if anyone can relate. I guess it's fair to say before I begin that I'm 36 and seem to be in a continual state of existential crisis. Desperately wanting to believe but unable to do so becuz it's like I have a broken record of a mind and cannot seem...
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    Lots going on in the brain even when it appears dead

    Makes me think a lot of those stories regarding NDE's are just occurring in the brain and we simply don't know how , medically and scientifically ... yet.
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    Doctors find brain activity ten minutes after clinical death

    Anyone seen this article yet? I looked and didn't see it posted here so I apologize if it has been and I missed it. Take a look and curious to know other's opinions...
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    Man has NDE, told not his time, then dies for real 2 minutes later

    I was listening to season 15, episode 8 of the mysterious universe podcast, and starting at the 42nd minute, the hosts were talking about a story of a man who died, was resuscitated and had an NDE. He described his NDE and was told that it was not his time. But two minutes later, he experienced...
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    NDE'rs observing from corner of the roo

    A pretty straight forward and simple question that has always left me puzzled is this: After reading dozens of books and hundreds of NDE accounts, I'm surprised by the amount of times I have heard "I floated or observed the scene below from the corner of the room." Why do so many report being...
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    Children's Past Life Memories

    I enjoy reading stories about near death experiences and children who have past life memories , as it gives me hope and inspiration that "this world isn't all there is." I have been reading a book called Near Death in the ICU and also read an article in the daily mail about a book that I want to...
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    Are "hellish" transcendent states just as objectively real as "mystical" states?

    I recently completed the book, Irreducible Mind, and am almost a third of the way into their follow up book, Beyond Physicalism. I am starting to lean more heavily towards the filter theory of mind, but one issue keeps coming up that I have been thinking about... If this "transcendent realm"...
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    Criticism I heard regarding "filter-theory" of consciousness

    I was recently listening to a podcast and the commentator brought up a rather interesting point, criticizing the "filter-theory" of consciousness. He said one of the problems of the filter theory is that if the brain is just a filter , then why when people experience disease or trauma/damage to...
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    God Helmet results replicated

    Another study that skeptics and believers can debate about:
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    I have been seeing a lot more religious themed NDE stories. what do you guys think?

    One thing that I wonder sometimes may be neglected or possibly underreported is more religious type of NDE experiences. I sometimes think of it in similar ways to the distressing NDE experiences. If I remember correctly, I think something like 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 (I know that would prove huge...
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    Girl's NDE.. To hell and heaven and back

    What do you guys make of this girl's NDE? I couldn't find much info on her online. It seems sincere but has a Christian slant to it, but the family and girl identify as Christian before her experience: Girl Dies & Comes Back To Life. (Her Story Of Hell & Heaven) Jesus Healed Her Leukemia &...
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    My experience with a medium. Feeling depressed

    I am going to leave this thread up, but this post appears to be a deliberate attempt to deceive, which is not allowed on this forum. It does not have the feel of authenticity, but rather reads like propaganda. Viewer discretion is advised. Moderation I am feeling quite depressed/let...
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    How can Alex be so firm in his stance? Objectivity has gone out the window

    I am not even sure where this post should go, but I believe this is the most appropriate section. I hope Alex reads this and responds to it. One thing that I do not understand when it comes to the consciousness debate, is how people can seem so firmly placed on either side of the fence...
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    Woman sees living reality and TV star Peter Andre during NDE. He says go back, it's not ur time

    Peter Andre encouraged woman in a coma away from Heaven's pearly gates! Published May 18 2015, 18:00 BST | By Sarah Whiteley Here at Reveal, we're all intrigued by near-death experiences but we'd never have thought pop stars would appear in any of them! But one woman is convinced Peter Andre...