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    Great OBE book review resource

    Title says it all
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    Biofeedback and the OBE/NDE

    Does anyone know if biofeedback techniques have been used or are planned to be used to induce OBE/NDE's as it is similarly used to slow heart rate, reduce pain etc through the use of devices that allow one to track the individual sensations associated with these things and mentally respond and...
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    Dr. Melvin Morse's show

    Hey I noticed that this show is missing from the archives, would you please re-upload it? It was made in 2012.
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    Other forums?

    Anyone know any good metaphysic forums? I love skeptiko but I rarely get exposed to new information from a spiritualist/magician perspective.
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    DIY extended consciousness and spirituality experimenting [resources]

    This is a thread for the different programs people have come across for teaching things like how to have an OBE, how to do magic, how to lucid dream etc. Please contribute courses/programs or books, especially those that you've tried yourself!
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    Vaccines (and autism)

    I recently came across this study talking about Vaccines with my friend who is being educated in bacteriology, immunology and virology. Invited critical review Thimerosal: Clinical, epidemiologic and biochemical studies Introduction: Thimerosal (or Thiomersal) is a trade name for an...
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    What do you think the answer is?

    Answers revealed tomorrow! :eek:
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    Many lives, Many masters book discussion.

    Many lives, many masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. (psychiatrist) is about a psychiatrist who during a hypnotic regression spontaneously has his patient Catherine live out her past lives. At the end of many of her past lives she reports floating above her body waiting to be taken by a white light...