Mod+ 230. Dr. David Jacobs Claims Academia Has Abrogated Responsibility to Investigate Alien Contact


I think they are both incredibly important too.
Unfortunately John Mack's passing means we didn't get to see how his ideas developed. What I like about Jacobs' research is seeing how it has evolved over time. In the beginning, there were no babies, just "routine" abductions. Then people started to talk about the babies, and about how they were told to interact with them. Most recently he has told us about the "hubrids", and how people are being asked to integrate them into society. Somewhat worryingly, people are also being trained in how to "help/direct" non-abduction humans on to a waiting UFO.
Sometimes I get the impression from Mary Rodwell her research is less scientific. For example, in a recent talk of hers she talk about odd-shaped "alien" skulls that have been found, and quotes quantum physics (taking it a bit too far imo). So although I value it very much, I just sometimes come away wondering how much of it is thorough research and how much is "a guy told me". I prefer the patterns Jacob's notices, in the end I get a feeling of whatever he has discovered is probably true. I don't particularly agree with his interpretation however (and to be fair to him he doesn't say he's sure about his interpretation).
What a shame we never get to hear them debate their views, or even have a conversation.
I agree re the importance of these claims... can't be underestimated.

just curious... did you listen to the Skeptiko interviews with Jacobs, Rodwell and Janet Colli... we came pretty close to a debate.
I agree re the importance of these claims... can't be underestimated.

just curious... did you listen to the Skeptiko interviews with Jacobs, Rodwell and Janet Colli... we came pretty close to a debate.
I've only listened to the first one with Jacobs - but thanks I will listen to the other ones very soon!
I just listened to #231 (Jacobs part 2), and I have to say I was dissapointed he didn't take up the offer of collaboration on this phenomenon (and thanks to Alex for offering it).
I wonder why not. Perhaps when you get to your 70's and you've spent decades taking arrows in the front and back you can get jaded about going down tracks you genuinely believe are not going anywhere.

I don't get the feeling he is covering anything up, I think he genuinely believes there is no spiritual aspect otherwise, as he said, he would have seen it. In fact, considering how depressed the subject has made him (understandably given what he infers) I think he would prefer it if this had turned out to be purely spiritual, because then he would have a good reason to not have to accept the grim reality placed before him.

So that leads me to speculate something I hadn't considered possible before...could it actually be that there IS a difference between the abduction phenomenon in his part of the world and that in, say, Australia (I think Mary Rodwell is western Aus?). What other option do we have to explain the stark differences, ignoring for a second the possiblity of extreme researcher bias?

I heard Mary Rodwell quote that 70% of her abductees had positive experiences (I am not sure if the other 30% were negative or neutral). I wish we had some sort of internet questionairre that could plot results by location.

Do any abductees have initially negative experiences and then later positive ones? Are there different ET groups carrying out the negative and positive abductions?
I notice Mary Rodwell talks predominantly about young abductees, and I recall Jacob's saying he does not take on young people, so I wonder if that could explain some of the differences....
Another thought...and I know this is slightly crazy but bare with me:
If it is true that chemtrails or some other sort of mass environmental toxin "spreading" is taking place in certain countries, and does lead to the pineal gland not functioning as it should, and if indeed the pineal gland is related to conciousness, could it be that in some countries the conciousness aspects are not experienced as a result? Or perhaps something along the lines of particular pesticides that contaminate food in some parts of the world do have an affect on whatever part of our brain links to the superconcious...
I just listened to #228 with Mary Rodwell. I'm really disappointed Budd Hopkins walked away from lunch because he didn't seem to want to discuss the issue...I'm now seriously doubting his reliability...
This is a talk from Oxford scholar Dr Young-Hae Chi:
It's the first time I've ever heard someone even acknowledge David Jacob's work. He doesn't agree with all of Jacob's conclusions, and it's so refreshing to see someone who is able to "unite" Jacob's research with other work.