Something very curious.
Could weather be the calling card of the Demiurge and /or the Cosmic Thugs?
God appears out of a whirlwind as he does in a number of occasions in the Tanakh, 8:15.
There's this famous Bulgarian seer, Vanga (1919-1996), that was lifted up in the air by a whirlwind and thrown onto the ground resulting in the loss of her sight.
Her name though, Vangelyia Gushterova, translates as Good Tidings Of Lizard. Wink to David Icke. How crazy is that!?
We have also Ted Owens who used weather as a means of power.
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4.5 billion years of climate change but some sick ideologue of a communistic variety, named Maurice Strong backed by the Rockefellers and cronies, decided the last 30 years of incomplete measurement data is enough to declare we are to blame; that being so, we have to atone for it.

By the way, in validation of our member Mediochre

" Claims have been thrown around that they have been attempting to lock the world down in a global totalitarian police state "to teach humans to be independant" because "the only way to win the game is not to play."
Study Suggests no More CO2 Warming
By David Wojick
October 28, 2020
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Can also be read here -

Chester - Note that there is still great debate as to whether CO2 is all that relevant. In addition, there is still great debate as to whether the globe is actually warming due primarily and/or significantly because of man made activity.

In addition, there seems to be inconsistent data with regards to "oceans rising."

To feature a most important statement from the article, here's the author's closing paragraph -

In the meantime the present work needs to be front and center as we strive for rational climate science. Professors William Happer and William van Wijngaarden are to be congratulated for an elegant and timely breakthrough.
[emphasis is mine]
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