Enjoyed the interview with Scott De Tamble. Having just been certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and as a Psychic Medium I understand the perspective of being Hypnotized fairly well.

Alex, you're basing your experience with both Bruce and Scott based on whether or not you went under. Fact of the matter is only 1 in 10 usually go completely under. I myself cannot go completely under as when I do readings I use all of my senses to do the work that I do.

If you trusted the process trust what you see, feel, hear, smell and even taste while going through the experience I bet you would have had a better experience. It truly wasn't a matter of how good they were. It's a matter of you letting go and just trusting the process. I think Scott gave you enough information so that you knew what to expect in your session. If he's willing, Scott that is.. you should give it another go with a different perspective of how you will approach it.

It's like being in a daydream. Ever drive and not know how you got home? Ever watch a movie that you were so submersed in it? Same difference. Just enjoy the process and let it unfold before you. The process is amazing. I look forward to hearing an update.
Great interview. I've been hypnotized a disreputable physician who worked in the same hospital as I did and who tried to get me to go into the back room to "examine" me while I was under hypnosis. I was definitely hypnotized, since just before this he had me poke my "paralyzed" arm with a needle...I didn't feel a thing. But I refused to go into the back room, and when he told me I wouldn't remember anything, I did. So I was in complete control. I left there and never went back.

I have had dreams of past lives. Once I was a boy climbing stairs outside an old church on my way to the choir loft (I think this was in Italy). Another was in France where I and my step-mother (who was my mother in that life) were poor and were being visited by the "lord of the manor", who was my husband in this life. Another where I was a child and was told that my grandmother was the queen...this in England and the walls were covered by a red patterned material. The reasons I know these were past life memories is because of how I and the people were dressed in the dream.

In addition, I have had at least one NDE and several OBE's. Since I've had personal experience with these things, the question of whether they are "real" or not is moot for me, so I don't enter any of the conversations which still try to debate the "realness" of these things.


Interesting interview, Alex. I've talked on the first incarnation of the forum about my past life regression with Carol Bowman, who was also trained by Michael Newton. That was a very intense experience for me. It has been over a year now and I'm still processing a lot of what went on. I'm not sure that I will ever listen to the cassette tape of the session. I'm not certain that the "life" that I tapped into was a literal past life of my own, but the emotional logic behind that life and this present one was unmistakeable. I experienced an intense emotional catharsis during and after the regression. I can also use the "past life" as a lens that allows me to better understand the gestalt that is my current being. I can allow myself to experience the transformational nature of the experience without making any ruling on whether this life I experienced was a literal incarnation of my spirit. I simply don't know.

About the process. Scott explained it much like Carol did in the pre-interview. I was surprised at how much of my waking consciousness was present during the hypnosis session. I had not expected that to be the case. I'd been hypnotized before by a friend for behavior modification and he really worked at putting me into a deep trance state. That was not the case with the regression. What Carol made perfectly clear beforehand and what Scott also mentions in the podcast interview is that you need to really report ANY impressions which arise whether they are thoughts, feelings or sensations. I happened to be hit by an intense wave of emotion almost immediately upon entering the light trance, so that was helpful. Clearly there was something there waiting to come through for me.

But the process seems to me to really be one of letting go. If you are a person with a tightly integrated sense of ego, or your thought stream is really tightly wound, then you may need to learn to relax those a little before you can be really successful with this kind of thing. I also worked quite a bit on relaxing any preconceptions or expectations before the session. I don't know any of the details about how this works, but I think an empty mind is probably the ultimate jumping off point for this kind of activity.

I would also say that the large "I" Imagination is likely in high gear during these events. You can't be afraid to let your imagination go. I've heard it said that at first it feels a little bit like pretending and then it is like tinder transforming into a much larger fire.
I can also use the "past life" as a lens that allows me to better understand the gestalt that is my current being. I can allow myself to experience the transformational nature of the experience without making any ruling on whether this life I experienced was a literal incarnation of my spirit. I simply don't know.
This is still an open question for me too. I am not sure whether the past lives that appear are actually an earlier you, or more the memories of other spirit persons that lived once before but are now very closely associated with you because you have a very similar spiritual and emotional state to them. (Remember that like attracts like, in the inner worlds.)
Cool interview Alex.
I was giggling when you commented about Goldberg... I used to listen to him on C2C too and found him very "suspicious" to say the least. It's great to be super confident of your skills and abilities but he's was mostly bragging all the times. Turns out he's too much hat and very little cattle :D

I did have two experiences and a half with past lives ... :) Years ago I contacted a British psychic for a personal reading. He turned out to be an impressive guy. He sent back a long, detailed written report with all sorts of accurate feelings about me and my situation at the time.
A few months later I asked him to give me a past life reading. This works differently from an hypnotic regression, in that the client doesn't do anything. He receives the impressions of the past life that is most relevant to the current one and describes the main themes, characters and events that occurred.

I ended up doing a reading for me and one for my wife and again he didn't fail to impress both of us. It's not much about the story he told us, but the themes and struggles of the past lives did have a resonance with where we were at that time in our lives.

I then turned on the little skeptic hamster inside my head and let him spin the skeptical wheel at full speed but I couldn't find much room for debunking.

So this accounts for the 2 experiences. The last "half" is this.
I was listening to Dr. Brian Weiss interviewed many years ago on Coast To Coast while working at home. I was writing code at the computer and listening absently. At one point G. Noory asked to describe how the hypnotic induction worked and invited Dr Weiss to simulate the beginning of a regression for the listeners.

I started listening more closely as he was conducting this brief induction, closed my eyes, listened to the instructions: at the end of those he was asking to picture a door in front of me and imagining to open the door and describe the feelings and images that would follow.

Well... I did open the door in a light trance-state and I had an hyper-vivid experience, I found myself on the top of a hill near to large country house, I was very disappointed and angry. Someone (a lady) was coming towards me to calm me down and invite me back in the house. The imagery was crystal clear, the feeling pretty strong and I could see it like a movie going on for at least a couple of minutes. The clothes were definitely of another time, at least 2-300 years ago, the place reminded me of places in the south of where I live.

If I had any previous similar experiences I wouldn't have given much thought to this. But that was a first and it stayed with me for quite some time. To this day I have no idea what happened but I find it strange and I am inclined to count it as an half past life regression :)

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Have you ever had any experiences with past-life memories/regression, and if so what were they?

The simple answer is no. I have no idea whether there's anything to it, but if there is, like other phenomena (UFOs, NDEs pyschedelic experiences, dreams), I wonder if it doesn't relate to the imaginal realm. That doesn't mean it's imaginary, but that something is happening that is cast in mythological or semi-mythological terms, archetypes, unconscious themes, and so on.

So for example, maybe one has a certain existential situation in life that may be affected by relationships, events, concerns/desires, or what have you. Maybe one can't normally articulate one's feelings or issues, but in hypnotic and maybe other states they are presented in more or less allegorical terms, using images and impressions that aren't necessarily literally real, but which have an underlying structure that reflects the truth of the situation.

In that sense, maybe we've all had experiences akin to them. Not just in dreams, but in moments when we're conscious and fantasizing without really intending to do that, or absorbed in a story or a poem. In the case of a regression session, where we may have expectations of experiencing something from the past, maybe images that come to us are cast in terms of being a soldier in Napoleon's army or handmaiden to an Egyptian queen or whatever. Or maybe messages are brought to us by guardian angels or light beings. Perhaps it's the unconscious mind (including a collective element?) conveying to us something of our existential situation using imagery. I suppose there could in some cases be an admixture of imagination and wish-fulfilment, but I'm not implying that such experiences are always devoid of psychological truth.

The unconscious, they say, isn't able to use language in the usual way. It has a language of its own. A metaphor might be music, which most of us can't and don't analyse intellectually, and yet which in a certain sense we can all understand: we can tell if the mood is dark and foreboding, light and joyful, majestic or playful. It may suggest to us associations and images that aren't literally real, but nonetheless possess a certain kind of truth.
I have no idea whether there's anything to it, but if there is, like other phenomena (UFOs, NDEs pyschedelic experiences, dreams), I wonder if it doesn't relate to the imaginal realm. That doesn't mean it's imaginary, but that something is happening that is cast in mythological or semi-mythological terms, archetypes, unconscious themes, and so on.
This is why I think an interview with Patrick Harpur would be good - he has some really interesting views on precisely that.
I'm still making my way through the interview, but I have admit that I am very skeptical of past-life regression and between-life regression (as well as hypnotic future progression). I tend to accept Ian Stevenson's view of hypnotic regression (and very much accept the validity of children's past-life memories). So far, De Tamble is doing nothing to allay my concerns. In my opinion, the first priority with something like this is to find some reliable way to verify whether anything real is being remembered--the same as with hypnotic regression used to recover alien abduction experiences. It's not enough to say that it is therapeutically useful; it's not enough to say that there are remarkable consistencies between accounts (neither of which have I heard De Tamble even say yet; so far he seems unconcerned with verification). You need harder evidence, in my view.

All that being said, yes, I did have two past-life regressions many years ago (when I was less skeptical about the subject). They were unfortunately a complete joke. I think I am part of the non-hypnotizable segment of the population. I can tell you that the failure of my sessions wasn't because of fear or resistance. I really wanted to remember something. I'm just not a good subject when it comes to hypnosis. I used to really bristle at being told it was because I had resistance. I would say "OK, let's both do a math test, and when you lose I'll tell you it was because you are resistant to mathematics." I hope I've let some of that anger go!

It helped when I started finding figures estimating what percent of the population cannot be hypnotized. I just did a quick search and found figures like 25% and 10%. Interesting that those figures are quite a bit higher than De Tamble's estimates of those who are unable to hypnotically access the between-life state.

I can share a funny story, though, from one of my regressions. I wasn't getting anything, so the woman guiding me through it suggested that I just say the first thing that came to mind, without any filtering--don't evaluate it; just say it. So I did. The result was that I was standing in a forest, dressed, if I remember, like a cross between Daniel Boone and the Tin Woodsman, and a flying saucer appeared and hovered overhead, and a door opened up and a big pile of dirty laundry was dumped out on top of me. She was trying to work out in her head if there was some way this could be a valid past-life memory, but I think even she gave up!
OK, I've finished the interview. I'm sorry, Alex, that you did not get the experience you were hoping for. But at least you went to a more genuine level of hypnosis than you have before.

Now that I've heard the whole thing I have to say that I'm a bit surprised at just how unconcerned De Tamble seems with the whole question of the validity of the "memories." He seems to say that even if the subject doesn't feel that the memories are real, he or she should discount that and accept them as real.

I see that Alex's tee-up question was a bit broader than I had realized, that it included any experience with past lives. And I do have something. There are three people in my life who, for a time, I had a strong feeling of "I know you from some other time." In all three cases, it eventually passed. But for a while--in two of the cases for a couple of years or so--it had that self-evident feeling. Now obviously I can't verify any of that, but I tend to think there is something to it. On the other hand, if I found out there was nothing to it, I would not be particularly surprised.
I have two questions about Past Life Regression. Are you doing it because you're curious or is it because you are experiencing something in this life that has no explanation.

For instance, a woman came to me because she suffered from life long depression since the age of 7. She is now 47. There was no reason for the depression, nothing had happened to her in this life to justify it. When we regressed her, she was shown a life in India where she was an orphan girl living on the street and begging for food at the market just to survive. She talked about a nice man that would help her but he could never bring her home. She finds out that she dies in the streets of India from starvation at the age of 7. It took quite a while to console my client as she honestly felt like she abandoned that little girl. I said to her, don't you understand? You are that little girl??? You haven't let her down. Look at what you do for a living now? She's an advocate for women and children's rights. She leaves my shop a little shaken yet has more understanding of her feelings. She calls me at 8am the next morning all excited and says "Irene, I'm not depressed anymore!! Is it going to go away?" I told her absolutely not the healing you experienced has happened and now you can move forward.

She is now living a full and active life and is love with the man of her dreams. If you are drawn to have the experience, just be open minded to what can be shown. It can be life changing.

A book I highly recommend: Home at the Tree of Life by Elena Gabor.
I must admit, I found the interview rather vague, and totally lacking evidence that this phenomenon is real. I held on until the end, hoping (almost assuming) that Alex's experience would validate it :( In view of the outcome, it might have been better to leave the whole interview in the can, and try another practitioner. Alternatively, it might still be worth trying someone you can trust who might be easier to hypnotise.

In reading more about the process taught at the Newton Institute, they say one session requires about 4 hours of time. Were you in a session that lasted that long, Alex?


Without some good veridical info it'll be hard to convince anyone not undergoing the hypnosis this stuff is real.

OTOH, if it helps people I see no reason to reject it outright. I've heard of some startling recoveries for mental illness using shamanic healing.

As always, use discretion and try not to break the bank.
I would like to draw your attention to a very interesting tv show that aired on danish television in 2003. The show was called "På rejse med sjælen" which (more or less) means "Journeying with the soul". The idea was to bring a person back to a previous life through hypnotic regression, and then try to subsequently verify the details obtained during the regression - that is, to locate the geographical place where the person allegedly had lived and physically travel there to see if the information obtained through hypnosis could be verified.

The results? - Well, I was very impressed at the time, and I still think it holds up well overall. But the evidence propably isn't strong enough to convince the hardnosed sceptic. It's very much like with psychic mediums: some things are too vague, or just plainly wrong (eg they never find the alleged name of any of the person in the churchbooks). But on the hand there is also, what seems to be amazing hits - eg the regressed persons seem to give pretty accurate archetectural details and precise information on the geographical layout.

Unfortunately the show is in danish, but I have attached english subtitles i .srt-format for the first 7 episodes.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9


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Great topic. I will reply in more detail when I get a chance to write a proper post.

Yes, I have past life memories -- some spontaneous while awake, and others via dreams -- and some memories/experience with regression. Some had some historical veridical elements to them, info that I don't think I could have known consciously in this life.

Will share more later, but I will say that when memories come through, it's usually because you have some kind of issue/problem/repeating behavior pattern or belief system that blocks your personal and spiritual growth (keeps you stuck) and the memories help you heal, integrate with your current life, and then move forward, as with the story of the woman with lifelong depression that Irene shared above. And the lifetimes may have a kind of metaphoric element/overlay to them, because it's the PATTERN that one needs to recognize that may be occurring/repeated that is affecting this lifetime adversely. So the metaphors and "past life memories" may not make any sense to others, because the information is meant for the individual who recalls them, no-one else. The need or desire for "proof" by others is a kind of human-ego thing. When you yourself experience it (if you need to experience it, you may not in this lifetime), then you get it, you understand. But because these memories bring about healing and often huge changes in one's life (like an NDE), then it really doesn't matter, according to the experts (such as Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss), if the memories are "real" (i.e., you as soul/spirit were actually incarnate in another body in a previous lifetime), or you are picking up on the memories of someone else in a very similar "resonant" experience by tapping into collective consciousness or the memories are downloaded to you via your higher self/spirit guides in an Imaginal Realm, or by a similar vein. Whatever it is - the why-how-what -- we have yet to learn, but it doesn't matter, because the modality of past-life recall can be very healing for some people. I'm a witness to that!

Will share more later, may have to be tomorrow, but I will keep up with this thread.