9/11 Discussion Thread

Former NIST employee begins investigation of 9/11 and is shocked and outraged at how NIST deceptively handled the investigation.

I was a member of the NIST technical staff during the period 1997- 2011. I initially joined the High Performance Systems and Services Division and later became a member of what was, at the time, the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division of the Information Technology Laboratory. My fellow NIST employees were among the finest and most intelligent people with whom I have ever worked.

I did not contribute to the NIST WTC investigation or reports. But in August of this year, I began to read some of those reports. As I then watched several documentaries challenging the findings of the NIST investigation, I quickly became furious. First, I was furious with myself. How could I have worked at NIST all those years and not have noticed this before? Second, I was furious with NIST. The NIST I knew was intellectually open, non-defensive, and willing to consider competing explanations.

The more I investigated, the more apparent it became that NIST had reached a predetermined conclusion by ignoring, dismissing, and denying the evidence. Among the most egregious examples is the explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 as an elaborate sequence of unlikely events culminating in the almost symmetrical total collapse of a steel-frame building into its own footprint at free-fall acceleration.

I could list all the reasons why the NIST WTC reports don't add up, but others have already done so in extensive detail and there is little that I could add. What I can do, however, is share some thoughts based on common sense and experience from my fourteen years at NIST.

First, if NIST truly believes in the veracity of its WTC investigation, then it should openly share all evidence, data, models, computations, and other relevant information unless specific and compelling reasons are otherwise provided. For example, would the release of all files and calculations associated with the ANSYS collapse initiation model jeopardize public safety to an extent that outweighs the competing need for accountability?

Second, in its reports, NIST makes a great show of details leading to collapse initiation and then stops short just when it becomes interesting. The remainder of the explanation is a perfunctory statement that total collapse is inevitable and obvious. It is easy to see through this tactic as avoidance of inconvenient evidence. In response to any challenges, NIST has provided curt explanations from its Public Affairs Office. There were many contributors to the NIST WTC investigation: Why not let them openly answer questions in their own voice with the depth of knowledge and level of detail that follows from the nuts and bolts of their research?

Lastly, awareness is growing of the disconnect between the NIST WTC reports and logical reasoning. The level of interest in "15 years later" is a good example. Due to the nature of communication in today's world, that awareness may increase approximately exponentially. Why not NIST blow the whistle on itself now while there is still time?

Truth is where our healing lies.
-Peter Michael Ketchum

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Truth Is Where Our Healing Lies | Part 5: Peter Michael Ketcham Makes First Public Appearance
"Former NIST employee of 14 years Peter Michael Ketcham makes his first public appearance since speaking out against the NIST World Trade Center investigation in Europhysics News, the magazine of the European Physical Society."
Now we can have a look at this video where Gerard Holmgren is explaining how the powers that be used the power of suggestion to pull-off 9/11.

The sound in the video is a bit poor, but the message is important, and it is audible.


And now let us consider a method they might have used to bring the twin towers down.

There were not more material than we see in the rubble pile, enough for the frame, the facade, the ground and top level lobbies, and the elevator.

On every second "floor" they attached shaped charges to the steel beams, all around the frame; And then they attached large "dust paddings" over the shaped charges.

These "dust paddings" served two purposes: They dampened the sound of the explosions, and they produced a large amount of dust going in all directions, effectively hiding the demolition.

Here, can anyone spot where they have stashed all those "dust paddings", along the inner walls of the WTC and also in towards the centre. Stashed high, from the floor up to the ceiling. Preferably, as they where dealing with dust, contained inside of some sort of easily handled containers or boxes.

Do not look for any text that will tell you what is inside of the boxes, simply look for boxes.

This image is from: artistsbooks.info - artist's books - Gelatin - The B-thing

http://artistsbooks.info/AB_Gelatin_The B-thing.html


"What's in the box?"
This has probably been covered elsewhere, but its new to me...

Google's doodle of the day is about the structural engineer who came up with the tubular high rise design which was a great leap forward in efficient use of material and structural rigidity.

I skimmed a few articles to see if any articles mentioned that the twin towers utilized strong and sound design... didn't find it mentioned.

But I did come across some interesting info in the wiki articles:
"Yamasaki, who had previously designed Saudi Arabia's Dhahran International Airport with the Saudi Binladin Group, incorporated features of Arabic architecture into the design of the World Trade Center. The plaza was modelled after Mecca, incorporating features such as a vast delineated square, a fountain, and a radial circular pattern. Yamasaki described the plaza as "a mecca, a great relief from the narrow streets and sidewalks of the Wall Street area."[39] He also incorporated other features of Arabic architecture into the building design, including pointed arches, interweaving tracery of prefabricated concrete, a minaret like flight tower, and arabesque patterns.[40]"

"On 11 September 2015, while doing construction work in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, one of the Group's cranes collapsed due to high winds causing 118 deaths and almost 400 injuries. "
"The registration for SBG's Internet domain name, saudi-binladin-group.com, was registered on September 11, 2000, for one year, expiring on the same day as the September 11, 2001 attacks. The domain was later acquired by a domain speculator.[7][8]"

I have been slow getting to this, but read an analysis here:

"The basic questions the 28 Pages (and other related documents) raise are all related to how certain Saudi nationals could function in the United States and be supported by the Saudi government without the Saudi government knowing what it was supporting. The 28 Pages document does not answer these questions, but the pattern that emerges suggests that at the very least the Saudi government was actively involved in supporting the handlers of the hijackers."

"The 28 Pages strongly implicate Bandar and his wife (his half cousin) in funding Saudi nationals who provided support for the 9/11 hijackers. While the 28 page document does not implicate Bandar in any direct contact or support for the hijackers themselves, it does show that without Bandar’s assistance to certain other Saudi nationals, the hijackers could not have completed their mission."

"Bayoumi met the San Diego cell in a restaurant and brought them to his own apartment. Later he co-signed for an apartment for them and paid their rent. He drove them to and from the Social Security offices and he helped them obtain driver's licenses. He also helped them locate flight schools in the US. None of this help to the hijackers could have been accomplished without outside funding, which there is evidence to show came from the Saudi government and also separately from Prince Bandar."
Bart, do you really think that Hurm is alt right? He is so clearly not I will assume that you are joking. Maybe some emoticon would help. I am not fond of them myself :eek::);;/?

I've been recently reading the forum again, and it seems like "alt right," at least as it is used here and other places, including the MSM, is a catch-all of what some people don't like. So you can throw anybody into that category to demonize them, because the alt-right is, of course, only populated by racists, the KKK, Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, white supremacists, fascists, or even, by some standards, people tagged "ultra left," etc. And, yes, by a lot of people's standards, Hurm is "alt-right."

This is what happens when we can't have sane, nuanced conversations about politics. I am depressed about it.
Bart, do you really think that Hurm is alt right? He is so clearly not I will assume that you are joking. Maybe some emoticon would help. I am not fond of them myself :eek::);;/?

I thought I was Alt-Right until I realized the identitarians claimed ownership of that term so now by their standards, I'm definitely closer to Alt-Lite than Alt-Right... but as I argued recently on the forum, I do see some value in having a heritage and cultural identity... I just think the Alt-Right takes that to an extreme and focuses on race excessively... I realize this is largely a trolling reaction to the race baiters and ninnying SJWs and not to be taken too seriously... but some do take it way too seriously and are just asshole shit-posters who actually are racist.

I can assure you I am not racist in the least, so if one thinks that the Alt-Right is racist, then I'm not that. I love people of all races and think they're all of equal value as human beings.

From what I've seen in the last few months, some leaders of the Alt-Right (like Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio) wouldn't consider themselves to be racist either (in the sense of one who wants to hate or subjugate on basis of race), but rather pro-white European identitarians who feel like the white race in particular is under attack and that the white European race as well as all other races should be protected from multiculturalism for the sake of diversity and not losing rich cultural heritages... similar to how endangered species should be protected from deforestation. On that I can go with them a short distance, but not to the radical extreme of some like Richard Spencer who thinks there would be some utopia awaiting if the races make a deliberate effort to separate and return to their geographic origins. You can't put that toothpaste back in the tube. He does seem to think it should be voluntary... but I would be very concerned that if some of his shit-posting followers ever had power... it wouldn't end up being voluntary or peaceful.
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But anyway... we don't need to turn this thread into another Alt-Right discussion...

Everyone watch and share the video I just posted above!
Yes, it sound like fiction, with the focus on the drama aspect. They are trapped in an elevator. Terrible, if it was true.