A ghost sighting

Not sure that there is such a clear cut distinction between a poltergeist and a ghost. Nor the definition of poltergeists that you offered.

About a month after my father died, my wife and I began experiencing poltergeist phenomena in our home. At first neither my wife and I were sure that there was anything "real" happening. Most of the phenomena were on the periphery of perception. However, over the second month, the phenomena became undeniable. Loud bangs and thumps downstairs at night (sounded like someone picking up the furniture and dropping it). The sound of heavy footsteps upstairs when we were down stairs. Knocking in the walls that hadn't happened in that house before or after that summer. Objects disappearing and re-appearing in strange places (one example is my wife's Rolex watch, that she rarely wears - and hadn't for some time - and always keeps in a jewelry box in her closet, showed up inside a barn boot amongst a pile of old barn socks and gloves by the side door). During this time my father showed up in some intense dreams as well with various messages.

After a couple of months of almost daily/nightly occurrences we were getting pretty spooked (no pun intended) and we had pretty much put 2 and 2 together. We were both still skeptical and playing the null hypothesis, but it was getting more difficult to keep up.

A long time online friend who has an interest in the paranormal recommended a medium that he had found to be excellent (I think most mediums, psychics, etc are frauds, delusional or pretty weak at best). We set up a meeting with the medium using fake names, from computers at the library and provided no traceable personal information. We made a trip to the medium's house. We used a rental car, etc so the medium, if a fraud, wouldn't be able to have a confederate do a last minute run of our plates. The medium turned out to be excellent; exceeding my most highest expectations of what a good medium might be able to do.

I knocked on the medium's door at the appointed time and she ushered us in. Without either my wife or I saying a word except perhaps "Hello", the medium began to tell me that my father's spirit had been waiting for us and he was in a hurry to get started. There was no fishing, guessing and no feed back by us. It was just my father giving a lecture as if he was literally in the room. The medium assumed his personality, body language, word choice, etc. Much highly detailed personal info was given by the spirit. Stuff that no one could know except him and me (and my wife in some cases). This was material that no fraud would dare guess because it was idiosyncratic/unusual info that most certainly could not generally apply to people.

At any rate, my father took credit for all of the poltergeist activity. He accurately described what had occurred and a couple of things we were not aware of, but checked and found to be true when we returned home. Again, very specific and we did not ask the medium about any of it. In fact, my wife and I were stunned and pretty much just sat there, except for a few times when I replied to my father's spirit by way of defending my self against some of his accusations and criticisms (he had been a trial lawyer and before that a semi-pro boxer and a Marine and he always busted my balls, This wasn't a love and rainbows reunion in the least bit) The poltergeist activity spontaneously came out as a natural extension of what my father's spirit was saying. He wanted us to know that it had been him all along. My father's spirit said that he had been trying to get our attention and he was glad it had finally worked and that we were now talking. He was angry at me for ignoring him for so long.

So there is an instance of poltergeist = ghost = familial spirit
IMO poltergeist are probably caused by humans who are going through some deep issues .
IMO poltergeist are probably caused by humans who are going through some deep mental issues , so lets get away from the entity BS I hear all the time. I mean I believe in spirts/ghosts but that doesn't mean they cause you to act a certain way. They probably don't want to be around people anyway, and I don't blame them. We shall all be a ghost spirit one day IMO . I like to treat them with respect if around ,and myself don't like to be around haunted places. On another note, I can't stand these ghost hunter assholes on TV ether , what a bunch of fake rip-offs. I know people that do real ghost seeking to see if any or in houses etc … and was told it may take months to get a connection or sign of activity.
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