AGAINST EVERYONE with CONNER HABIB: Ep 6 - Alex Tsakiris or How To Live With Skeptical Ethics

It's good to see you in the flesh so to speak. I didn't know you took the SRF lessons. That's something I was big into before as well. Did you take Kriya initiation or drop out before signing on to it? And if you did take initiation did anything happen for you at that moment? I also heard your interview where you talked about doing the Hare Krishna mantra (which was a funny interview btw) which is also something I had an interest in. I quite like the bhakti yoga approach but the cultish tones of the Hare Krishnas is a real turn off. I keep coming back to Yogananda even though I seem to have had a "Christian" eureka moment. It's interesting to me how yoga and drugs can be connected as both are altered states of consciousness. Dave Hunt's book Occult Invasion is an eye opener into these subjects. Like someone that took LSD suddenly had a Hindu yoga experience that sounds exactly the same as transcendental meditation experiences. Altered states of cosnciousness can be dangerous or risky though. As the other side (the spirit realm) is largely invisible to us so what is lurking there? There are some bad entities on that side.

I found that after doing 12 years of meditation that something was trying to possess my body by making it move around by itself and trying to speak out of my throat. I was doing automatic yoga mudras and pranayamas and making a kind of gutteral sound that reminded me of trance mediums going into spirit control possessions. It freaked me out so I stopped meditating. There was a woman who made some videos about the dangers of yoga on Youtube so I contacted her and she started to pray for me. That was when I decided to read the Bible, most notable the epistles in the New Testament and the text seemed to come alive to my eyes, like it was luminous and at that same moment a vision of Jesus on the cross came into my mind, it was also somehow luminous and there was a peace accompanying it. Later that night I started to see shadowy figures flitting out of the corner of my eyesight. When I looked I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a human looking figure but it was almost as if the legs were missing or because they flew by so quickly. Some time later I would be being woke up in the middle of the night and seeing dark figures trying to attack me while I was in bed, one of them had one of those indiana Jones style hats on.
Apparently this is a fairly common experience called Shadow man.

Anyway, that's a different story and not part of this thread.
Alex, I liked that interview - even though you agreed about just about everything!

It was interesting that Susan Blackmore has twice used the device of saying the isn't up to speed with NDE research to avoid detailed questioning, and then published again on the same subject!

I very much agree with both of you, that it would be desirable if everyone in the US (and Britain) could re-populate the centre ground. As you said, virtually nobody wants to return to the sexually repressed 1950's, but equally people don't want constant discussion of homosexuality, gender fluidity, etc etc on the television, or indeed in schools.

Do you have any reference to Ingo Swann's stopping of an atomic clock?