Al Borealis, 2021 End of Year Show |533|


Al Borealis, 2021 End of Year Show |533|
by Alex Tsakiris | Dec 28 | Skepticism

Al Borealis end of year show, and bringing truth to the truth movement.
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This is a top shelf episode. In fact I'd like to hereby coin that category...
Hitherto and forthwith, a "top shelf" podcast shall refer to an episode where upon just before reaching the end of the track you swipe it back to the beginning for another listen.
I’m watching the YT version rather than simply listening. Can someone tell me what that image is at the top of the FB webpage? - with the concentric circles and the comet looking light thing?

It seemed like you don't really watch or listen to Al's shows...
The Ole Dammegård ones are really good. Listening to the newest one now. Old Soros and company at it again.
And have you seen those companies that hire out crisis actors? Probably an age old tradition.
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