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Personally, I love Greg and think he's one of the remaining hosts dealing with conspiracy/alternative history issues who hasn't been completely taken in by the bizarre pivot to the "Trump is a savior/legitimate outsider because everyone seems to hate him" POV, which I find just so absurd. Greg also himself admits he's "a conspiratainment podcast" and that some of his guests are likely disinformation agents or just totally full of crap. Yet I always feel that Greg is a legitimate seeker of truth. He's incredibly kind and generous to all of his guests, open-minded, and generally asks the same questions I would like to ask. And I always find his end of show summaries spot-on.
Ditto! To me whether his guests are FOS or not is irrelevant b/c ultimately I do my own homework if I'm interested or someone clicks with me. "Show others where to look, not what to see."

I would say he's not 'tough enough' for my taste in some of his questioning, but I like his open approach, it feels like an authentic part of him, someone looking for common ground and willing to go just about anywhere. I see it as the hallmark of an adventurous spirit and exceptional communicator.

His intros and summaries demonstrate his serious craft and skill, I have no doubt he's 'going places' ! :)