Andrew Smart, AI, Consciousness, Turing Test |519|

Veda: Thanks for that.
Haramein: Love his proton=blackhole/universe idea. Very fertile ground with Haramein. [A little concerned about the $1000 ARK crystals though, everyone's gotta make a living (1000 pieces a month?!), but shouldn't he shift the supply curve so more people benefit? Or is there a placebo 'its worth what you pay for it' thing going on. No hate. Just concerned. If its so good, lets scale and put it in the dollar stores.]
Tesla: Reminds me of Plato's 'learning is remembering'.
I actually wanted one those, but out my price range.
He's is doing some research on Gravity control and that's got to be very expensive.
So I was listening to a youtube he did last night and the question of Ai came up, paraphrasing his answer; number crunching is not what consciousness is about. It's about a emotional and psychological reality which has nothing to do with 1/0s... therefore following that approach will not yield results.
And , there is nothing artificial about intelligence.
A contradiction in terms.
Which identified the confusion for me. Calling intelligence artificial is like calling something by a name which it clearly isn't.
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Corey Goode and David Wilcox are peddling the idea that the "Reptilians" and darker forces of the universe serve an AI God from another universe that is feeding off of our negative energy and working to enslave this universe as it has done so in other universes.
Salvation comes at the low low cost of $333 for everyone!
Is AI the new religious possibility for the old religious orders of control?