Andy Paquette, Mask Science, Big Lie? |523|

Well, if you start with BS numbers to start with you're going to get confused. The PCR's were not correctly done. I don't know where you get your info but the truth is this.... vaccinated people DO go to the hospital and they DO die. They also can spread covid & are not protected from it.

Right there should tell you all you need to know about this worthless (possible BS) vaccine. Now, stop it, just stop it. It's an agenda. The initial protocol is flawed. You would NEVER shut down a world where there is a 99.9% survival rate. So just stop it. Grow up & see they tried to play us all and we should be VERY angry & want these people jailed. They lied AND they were behind the entire opertion.
BTW, Do you know what the oldest profession is??? No, not prostitution, it's marketing. When the snake sold Eve on the apple.
Hey Everyone, Happy Late Thanksgiving. I just jumped on here quick to tell EVERYONE no matter what you think... DO NOT GET THE BIO-WEAPON vaccine. Stop any child from getting this. If you still want to do this, let me know & I will explain later. Meanwhile, if you have any pharmaceutical stocks sell them now. I just sold all my J & J stock (lost several thousands/but it will only get worse shortly). I should have done this months ago anyway. But now the evidence is truly in & the front guys are about to take the bath.

Always loved & gained a lot via Johnson & Johnson (because they are well versified). But, what is coming is not going to be good. Andy is right & there is more to come. This is about to blow up.

Have a great day!
Below are excerpts from an interview with Archbishop Viganò. I am not posting this because I agree or disagree. I am posting it because I think some of the readers here will find it interesting.

Viganò:”those who resist the NWO will have the help and protection of God”

This man is Archbishop Viganò. His Excellency has become like a polar star of hope for those Catholics and even non-believers who have thirst for justice and common sense in this upside-down world.
Your Excellency, in recent days you have been the victim of harsh attacks in the Italian media, and the attacks seem to be increasing in intensity. Massimo Giannini, editor of La Stampa of Turin, went so far as to call you a “scoundrel.” Another prominent Italian journalist, Bruno Vespa, said God should “forgive you” for your statements about the vaccines and the so-called pandemic. Could you explain why Italy’s mainstream media increasingly seems to consider you a sort of “public enemy”? Why are they seemingly so afraid of you?

As I have previously noted, it is typical of any totalitarian regime to seek to delegitimize any and every form of dissent, at first by ridiculing the adversary, making him the object of derision so as to discredit him before the eyes of the public opinion. Then, after delegitimizing the person as pathological, or in need of psychiatric care, suggesting that the adversary is mentally unstable who should be hospitalized in a mental institution. Finally, this process ends with the complete criminalization of all dissenters. In this way, the regime creates the necessary premises to separate all its adversaries from civil society.
Do you think that this entire situation is an engineered crisis conceived by the globalist powers to drag mankind towards a state of constant fear and pave the way for the global Leviathan?

I do think so, and I have been saying this since the beginning of the psycho-pandemic, when in May 2020 I exposed the dangers and the absurdities of this grotesque farce. I am quite familiar with the scenarios of the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as with the ones depicted by the “Great Reset” of the World Economic Forum (WEF), whose president met the former Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in November of 2019 and the present Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, just a few days ago. Likewise, I am also aware of the UN plan called Agenda 2030.

This operation required meticulous preparation and needed the participation of large parts of the public institutions and the private sectors, including the complicity of the Judiciary, of law enforcement and the media. These combined efforts are a real coup d’état and the pandemic is just a pretext – the profasis – through which is introduced the seeming inevitability of the violation of fundamental rights and the consequent establishment of the totalitarian regime of the New Order. In this New Order the pandemic superstition reigns supreme, with its magicians, its vaccine temples, its irrational rituals and its excommunications of sinners vitandi (“to be avoided” or “to be shunned”) — those who do not agree to give up their reason even before apostatizing from their Faith in order to embrace this insane ideological madness.