Andy Rouse, Deep Share Swapcast |554|

Yes, the Faucoult's pendulum we saw was huge. It apparently moves reliably its line of swinging 360 degrees in 24 hours.
Maybe if the Earth were a plane and spinning this phenomenon would make sense.
But it DOES make sense with the rotating globe model.

Then there's the corialis effect.

Then there's the fact that in the south of the Earth the Sun is towards the north and the constellations are upside down. E.g. Orion looks more like a pot...

This all makes perfect sense if the Earth is a globe
But how does one explain these phenomena with a plane Earth model?

It has to do with the interpretation of perspective applied to measurement. This sounds nebulous, but if you constantly measure things, constantly, all your life, such as I did, you realize that measurement was also a faith of sorts.