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I good friend of mine, a scientist, an engineer, but a believer in metaphysics and UFOs and such, surprised me when he began talking about the neutrinos from the nuclear fusion reaction in the sun. I had assumed he was knowledgeable about the EU theory of the sun.

So, I looked through a few of the videos on YouTube and found this one on The Electric Sun.

I think I'm going to have to move Wal Thornhill's book to the top of my list so that I can be more conversant with you here in the forum!
Alert to physicists here... Do you think this video could be on target? Also, check the comments... these seem like serious folks.

...If there is a filter, then at lower levels that filter involves the vast distances of space. But if the vast distances of space-time are traversible which they appear to be, then the door is open to not merely space travel but time travel (or perhaps more correctly: story-travel ...moving perpendicular to the present timeline as Anthony puts it).

In this case, the filter must be composed of agreements among the story-travelers to preserve this present story from corruption. ...In this scenario, ET begins to look more like the Adjustment Bureau and synchronicity, genetic manipulations, precognitions, etc, are all various ways of adjusting, correcting, or tampering with the storyline. There are those that wish to curate and preserve storylines, those that wish to destroy them, those that wish to tweak them, and those that wish to forget them.

The hierarchy engaged in the preservation of the storylines is powerful but not all powerful and that is why we find ourselves in the Goldilocks zone of ET interference and free-will which allows for a meaningful story to progress.
And maybe this upcoming movie will give us some more food for thought on the notion of story travelers and timeline curators.

Even the trailer made me recoil!

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Alert to physicists here... Do you think this video could be on target? Also, check the comments... these seem like serious folks.

Hmmm The only possible significance of this would relate to the stability of the elements. I must say, I doubt the whole quark story - quarks are supposed to never appear singly, and to have fractional charges - which has never been seen except (I think) for one report possibly by Millican himself when he was doing the experiment that first established the charge on the electron.

You have to thank good old-fashioned Quantum Mechanics for the wonderful shapes of molecules.