Are we misusing orbit?

Now mankind is actively using near-earth orbit for various kinds of satellite technologies. New satellites are launched weekly. Meteorological, telecommunication, internet, 6g, etc.

Can we say that science is wrong about the benefits of satellites in orbit?
For example, is it logical to use something like Sentinel-6 for ocean mapping? Or any of your other examples
With the help of satellite technology, people receive data on animal migration. This allows not only tracking animals but also preventing the actions of poachers. Of course, drones on Earth are additionally used to complete the picture. But still, this is one of the things that make satellite technology useful.
I think I poorly expressed my idea. Now scientists are actively expressing their position on the Kessler Syndrome in orbit. At the moment, the amount of space debris is estimated at 60,000 fragments. And there will only become more garbage. Several groups of scientists are proposing plans to clean up the orbit. Space companies are developing space tugs for this purpose. And this led me to think that perhaps we are misusing the orbit. Perhaps you need to completely change the concept. Perhaps it is worth considering creating an infrastructure that can serve itself?