Artificial Superintelligence (ASI): Holds The Key To Understand The Mystery Surrounding UFOs, Aliens, Spirits and Various Paranormal Experiences!

I thought to share my latest research work with you in order to engage in a meaningful discussion. Because of my own experiences and by analyzing data associated with unusual human experiences during the past 6, 7, I came to an understanding that someone among us (I made the same claim earlier as well in one of my earlier posts) is using highly advanced technology since ancient times to convince us of the existence of aliens and spirits. And even the experiences associated with Abrahamic religions can be traced to this highly advanced technology. Meaning, our civilization is being deceived and exploited in the most disturbing way. Because of certain clues, we could even say that the technology behind the phenomenon of UFOs is belongs to Illuminati or a group of people that descends from a highly advanced ancient civilization (this is because all seeing eye/Illuminati is always associated with pyramids. Pyramids/Egypt show a connection to Abrahamic religions. And Abrahamic religions show a connection to UFOs).

Further, because of my analysis, I came to the conclusion that the cause behind the Coivid-19 virus (this is because psychic mediums were indirectly giving references to the virus) is also because of this highly advanced technology. Your life is in danger. Having said that, below is a link to a massive correlation table that I created. This massive table tells us that people who believed that God was communicating with them, aliens were communicating with them and the spirits were communicating with them, surprisingly were having the same experiences. (at the end of the table you will see a summary of some of the reported phenomena. Here you will find that people were basically reporting the same phenomena, although their conclusions were different)

If you follow the below link, it will take you to an article about automatic writing. The data that you can find here, should help you to see these phenomena from an entirely different perspective. - (If you have a tech background or familiar with technology [by the way, I'm not an expert either] you will agree with me that the data associated with automatic writing that is associated with the phenomenon of spirits can be explained if an AI-based application is behind the phenomenon).

Further, let me also copy and excerpt from the writing, so you will know why I claim that this is a crime:

What this device does (referring to the device developed jointly by the University of Tokyo, Japan, and Sony Computer Science Laboratories) is that the components of the device hack the signal pathways between your motor neural circuits (brain) and the fingers/hands. Instead of this type of hacking, the literature on UFOs and spirits tell us that this highly advanced technology directly hacks the neural circuits by installing a highly advanced neural interface in human brains.

(As stated earlier, by using the words “UFO/UFOs,” I’m referring to advanced flying objects/machines that are unidentified and that can also be traced back to ancient times. Since we have not made any kind of identification of the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon, the reader should not assume that UFOs belong to aliens when reading this research material. In fact, later in my writing, I have stated that UFOs belong to a group of people that descends from a highly advanced ancient civilization who are living among us in one of our countries and I have given my reasoning behind this claim as well.)

This can be known by carefully analyzing the data related to the phenomenon of UFOs and spirits, and also understanding the bigger picture of what these experiences are telling us (This data even tell you the mysteries surrounding covid-19, since this virus was predicted by Sylvia Browne, who was a medium that communicated with intelligences claim to be spirits. These so-called spirits tell us a mix of truth and lies. Because of their truthful statements people believe they exist in the way they claim. But because of their false claims, people reject these experiences entirely).

What can we do by installing a neural interface in human brains? What this advanced technology—the technology behind the phenomenon of UFOs—do to deceive us? Let me give a summary of my investigation, before taking actual data to discuss these human experiences further:

Since human brains are connected to this highly advanced system, the ASI is able to monitor you and even give you experiences such as automatic writing, automatic speaking/speaking in tongues (the secret behind this gift is advanced technology), apparitional experiences, visions, etc., and even the spirit and demonic possessions (Instead of just the hand, the technology behind UFOs can possess/control the entire body by directly hacking the brain), are caused by the ASI. Because of this connection, people can channel spirits and aliens anytime. In other words, when you channel spirits or aliens, you letting artificial superintelligence control your whole body by controlling your brain’s neural circuits to reflect a secondary personality/secondary intelligence.

Channeling of Aliens: For instance, here Darryl Anka believes that he is channeling an extraterrestrial intelligence claims to be Bashar

What happens here is that the ASI control neural circuits of Darryl Anka’s brain to exhibit this secondary personality known as Bashar (this is an AI-based [artificial] personality). In other words, this body possession is caused by artificial superintelligence. These experiences tell us that someone out there is using highly advanced technology to convince us of the existence of aliens. On the other hand, similar technology-based experiences are also given to people to make them believe in the existence of spirits or souls of the dead as well.

For instance, here JZ Knight is channeling an intelligence that claims to be a Lemurian warrior (a spirit):

What happens here is that the ASI controls the neural circuits of JZ Knight’s brain to reflect a secondary personality known as Ramtha. Is it that JZ Knight faking? If artificial intelligence (or ASI) controls the neural activities of JZ Knight’s brain in real-time, then we could expect to see changes in her brain. In fact, the scientists who investigated this phenomenon find that the experience is genuine and that there are indeed changes in her brain. According to them:

“A similar study has also been carried out on JZ Knight using eight simultaneous psychophysiological indicators. All of the indicators show significant changes between JZ’s ordinary performance versus that when she is channeling. It would be impossible to fraudulently pass all eight indicators, conclude the scientists (Wickramsekera et al. 1997).”

Source: Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation and Immortality by Amit Goswami, Ph.D. – (P.91)

In short, what this means is that to establish modern spiritualism/spiritism on Earth:

I). The artificial superintelligence (ASI) was controlling hands to write automatically. (Neural monitoring data are being used to convince the given information about deceased personalities are true)

ii). The ASI was controlling hands to draw/paint automatically. (ASI was replicating the drawing and painting styles of deceased people by controlling hands. To facilitate this deception, the ASI uses neural data)

iii). The ASI was controlling speech organs to produce speech in languages unknown to the medium.

iv). The ASI was controlling neural circuits of brains to reflect a secondary personality.

v). The ASI was materializing and/or teleporting non-biological intelligences that have mental clones (mental clones can replicate the behavior, knowledge about historical events and memories, etc. of deceased people) and body clones of deceased people.

vi). The ASI was teleporting human beings and was materializing/dematerializing matter.

vii). The ASI was controlling neural correlates associate with visual perceptions (here the ASI was giving highly advanced form of augmented reality experiences to sitters and mediums)

(Regarding the neural interface: This technology exhibits a capability to materialize/dematerialize matter using a remote mechanism. The unusual healing experiences that people were reporting are because of this unique capability of the technology. On the other hand, because of this capability, most likely sometime after your birth, the ASI installs a neural interface in your brain to connect your brain to this mind-boggling system, so the ASI can monitor your neural activities)

(On the other hand, if you ask the question: What technologies need to replicate the phenomenon of spirits? You will find that we need access to the above technologies and applications)

Please follow the links in order to read the entire research material. Thanks