Biden Consciousness

I think evil Mr. Jew boy Epstein was more connected with the evil satanic Clintons, Mr Bill in particular : Corrupt Murderers , Rapists, and abusers of everything decent and good, typical Democrats . IMO they shall be punished to HELL when time comes, right were Mr Jew boy Epstein and his buddies are. I do believe I read where Mr Epstein had a thing for 12 year old's.

Good books about Bill and Hillary's war on women .

You better put some ice on that!

The Clintons war on woman book!
Yeah have been wondering for the last few years whether all that Monika Lewinski crap and 'did Bill inhale' was a decoy. I have thought recently that they were probably (Hillary and Bill Clinton) doing satanic ritual abuse in the White House even back then. Now that i see how far back a lot of the abuse seems to go from the links you provided it seems a lot clearer that the Monika Lewinski and 'did Bill inhale?' was a decoy imo. Sick filth. Also there are theories out there probably propogated by, Hillo and Bill that it was 'the Jews' that set up Bill Clinton as Monika Lewinski was jewish. There are some fucked up jews, Israeles etc but there are horrible disgusting people everywhere. If you hear what Jon Wedger has to say, i think it is in part 2 (Incompetence vs Conspiracy thread, post #49), bearing in mind this guy was a cop for 27 years including in the Child Protection Unit amongst other units and has seen a huge scope of what is going on with pedos and satanic ritual abusers. He says in that interview that people often says it's 'the jews' or 'the masons' etc but he knows very well that these shite are from all over the place and embedded in almost all institutions.
Have you got anything, even circumstancial stuff on Biden, that i can pick through? I think he knew Epstein very well and imo Epstein traffiked a lot of children to him to rape. I also think, like many other people have done (fact), that a lot of stuff regarding Biden has been wiped off the internet. Anything on Biden, even if not Epstein related, would be useful.

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Personally i haven't seen any direct evidence linking Biden to Ghislaine Maxwell or Epstein. I don't think it is because it is not there considering what an imo disgusting pedo Biden is and how Hilary and Bill Clinton are all over the case. I would wager that there is evidence. Has anyone come across anything?
Looks like i was right. I hadn't heard of or seen any direct Epstein - Biden connections but it seems they are there and documented. Am still gathering stuff.
Also while looking into Biden - Epstein connections have come across some other stuff.
Imo Biden's dealings with the CCP and window companies amount to nothing less than treason.
Also there are two videos out there of Biden admitting and talking about how he got a prosecutor replaced in Ukraine. Remember the fuss they made about Trump doing the exact same thing (which he didn't). What they accused him of and ran through the mainstream media for weeks on end, Biden is
on tape imo 100% undeniably doing exactly what they tried to smear on Trump.
The below link has some stuff on Biden's treasonous (imo) activity with the CCP and window companies as well as the two recordings of Biden incriminating (imo) himself with what they accused and tried to impeach Trump about in the video segment between 16:58 - 19:30 minutes.
Will update when i get (it's there imo) Biden-Epstein documentation etc. My gut was pointing me towards Biden being on Epstein's cursed plane. The algorhithms used in all the search sites that i know of (i don't know one search engine that doesn't use or get infiltrated by bad algorhiths, please let me know if someone has heard of a decent search engine) keep on pointing me towards submarines and Biden's island being near Epstein's. I see cunt algorhithm decoys for what they are tho and i bet Biden is all over that pedo plane and Epstein traffiked numerous children to that sick fuck Biden, and there is plenty of proof.
The Dems are going to get hammered in the NOV elections because of this sleaze ball Biden :) The only reason he got in is the cheating with the mail in ballots that came about 4:00 in the morning all over the USA. Its being uncovered now in AZ, PA is looking too and Georgia. I like to thik I'm part of the Hammer that smashes the DEMS to pieces ; the evil corrupt low life's they are! :)