Bruce Fenton, A Better Human Origin Story |429|

Intrigued by his story and evidence connecting this account to actual facts. Gnostic teachings and a bit of Chris Geo and you have yourself a working hypothesis...archons, Michael Tellinger? My mind reels, as they don't really contradict each other. Wow. More exploration needed. Hadibov? I mean really, its astounding how all these stories link up...Alex- please explore these strands as I think you will find a lot in common. Love your work!!
I haven't thought about Hadibov for years...I only heard a bit over a few podcasts ages ago (I think Greg Carlwoods THC) Now you got my mind reeling

Are you aware that there are 90 characteristics of pigs that are also found in humans but are not found in any other primate species?

The author of the web page, an expert on interspecies hybridization, believes humans are a hybrid of chimps and pigs and he explains why he thinks such a hybrid could be viable.

Do you have any opinion on the significance of it?

This seems related ...

Gordon White also talks about this


Steven Strong and his research shows people in Australia for a long long time. Aboriginal people have similar stories to this, especially the "rocks" that hold memories and stories. Steven Strongs books are great
Is there one you'd recommend in particular?
Gosh... did anyone see anything about this video posted anywhere on the Skeptiko forum? I can't find it. If I somehow missed it, I will delete this post, otherwise... Enjoy! (Thank you, Alex, Dani and Bruce)