Bruce Greyson, Near-Death Experience Pioneer |494|

I hope it's not too late to talk about future uses of the NDE scale. What would a good prospective study design measure?

Dr. Greyson specified the scale is not useful for verifying that a person had an NDE. Suppose you haven't had one yet. What is the base rate per year of having an NDE for adults? 1 in 1000? How many people would you have to follow and for how long to capture 100 NDE accounts? If I could convince 10,000 people sign up for a prospective study I would do a few things differently that Greyson probably can't or should not do:

1. ask in advance that everyone release their medical history to be included in the study.
2. get these people trained in phenomenology!
3. Be damned sure to ask the same questions to whomever you meet in your NDE -- all planned in advance
I watched some of this year's Summit on NDEs on UTube. Tricia Barker made it clear that an NDE means you're having a really bad day! We really owe a debt of gratitude to those ppl who have had one & took the trouble to tell us about it. Talk about a mixed blessing.