Buddhist lamas that transfer their consciousness to another human body And the Avatar project

I've heard from a couple of sources that some tibetan tantric lamas can eject a young person's consciousness from their bodies and then take over their bodies.this is also possible among hindu tantrics.heres a story :Tiphupa was an Indian Buddhist teacher from the 11th and 12th century who was considered to be the rebirth of Darma Dode, son and student of Tibetan lama Marpa Lotsawa. When young Darma Dode died in an accident his father with the special abilities of a realized lama, managed to prolong his son's life for a while. It was enough time for Marpa to teach him how to transfer his consciousness into a dead body – in this case the body of a dead pigeon. Following the detailed instructions of the teacher, the pigeon flew to India and died next to a sixteen-year-old boy who had recently lost his life. Transferring again his consciousness, this time to the young boy's body, gave life to the Indian teacher Tiphupa (from Ti Phi – pigeon). When the boy returned home it was evident that Tiphupa was very different from who he had been before. He kept taking care of his aging parents as a normal son and they considered him as a guru. Tiphupa intensively practiced the methods taught by Marpa and others, and methods he received in India from Naropa’s students and other masters with the result that he reached realization as a mahasiddha. He became a famous teacher himself and gave numerous teachings to Milarepa’s student Rechungpa. Probably the most important of them for the future of the Kagyu lineage was the "nine-fold cycle of the bodiless Dakinis". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiphupa
Arthur Avalon became a Yogi when he witnessed in India an old Yogi sit down and die and then a young man on the prye near him sit up alive and just smile and walk off. It was the Yogi he transferred his soul into the new body. This is common in Hinduism in their texts and histories as they still maintained a lot of knowledge.

if we can replicate this using these lamas or hindu tantriks in labs with dead bodies that would be a bing boost to the consciousness is independant of the brain theory.
it is said that the art is no longer practiced in tibet from something Ive just read,but hindu Tantrikas can still do it.Ive read that some rogue tantrikas in tibet still do it a few months ago.