Commentary thread for the Index of Skeptiko threads & related resources

[Inserted by Laird: Please post here in this thread any comments, suggestions, critiques, etc for the thread, Index of Skeptiko threads & related resources, so as to keep that thread as an index rather than a conversation. I moved this post by Pollux, and my reply, from that thread to here]

Great work!! That's one helluva job to put together this...unless you used some database-tool to just "suck" all those threads up and paste 'em in here?!?
Either way, it's great work, and it's an efficient way to get an overview of all the topics in the forum.
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Can't we make the index thread sticky or something? It'll soon disappear off the end of the Guidelines & Introductions section, and when it does, it'll just become one more lost thread!
David has already done us that service - don't be confused by the old index thread (with an "and" rather than an "&" in its title)! That one now links to the new one, and is no longer sticky.