David Whitehead, Trigger-Proof Warrior |475|


David Whitehead, Trigger-Proof Warrior |475|
by Alex Tsakiris | Dec 1 | Spirituality

David Whitehead used martial arts as a springboard into truth seeking.

David Whitehead: [00:00:46] When it comes to triggers, these are informants for you to take notes and say, why is that so triggering for me? Why is it so hard for me to look into this? What if I find something valuable about this? Even if I find that what I’m looking into is something I don’t like, or I find out that there’s something to it that needs further investigation, you’re still learning.
The average man is hooked to the other average, man, the warrior is hooked to infinity.
Mr. Whitehead is quite right about us, we the ordinary people needing to fearlessly realize our potential. This is not a time to be intimidated though not a time to be aggressive either. The eye of the tiger is essential now, as well as the eye of discernment during these times we are living through. And yes, this means exploring alternative views, comparing them with the common narrative and using reliable statistics when drawing personal conclusions about the present global circumstances. I think we also need to be inquisitive. Is possibly some agenda presently being carried out? And now especially, we need to keep an eye on our struggling fellow citizen as so many are out of work, can we offer free help to them if we are able with problems, such as snow removal or plumbing failures or car problems. Saving money, if we can, is important for all of us now.
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One question I’d tee up is, what does it mean to you to be a truth seeker warrior? There’s a lot of kind of macho flexing kind of stuff going on. I think there’s reality to that, but I don’t think it’s the whole story. How do you see it? What’s your picture?

Excellent discussion.

Not a flex, but I respect fellow Wrestlers like Alex more than most people because "the mat does not lie".

In Wrestling there is no "coulda woulda". Subjective lies simply cannot exist. Few things clear away self-delusion like the mat.

Leads referenced in this episode:

Michael Singer - https://untetheredsoul.com

Eckhart Tolle - https://eckharttolle.com

Dr. Tom Zinzer - https://www.soulcenteredhealing.net

Also, I recommend treating Crowley admirer Michael Tsarion with way more caution than David Whitehead has.