Dimitri and Khalid, Subliminal Jihad Against Michael Aquino? |505|

I dont know about what kind and extent this obviously staged poster boy Aquino is, who is mentioned in this thread's skeptiko podcast, and for the moment am not going to look into it or even think about who and what he is.
This post i feel in one way is about keeping the eye on the mark either because of not wanting to comprehend the reality of what is happening due to it's terror or all the pedo and satanic minimalisation and normalisation agendas imo pushed by media, big tech and the rest of it. In case people forget or dont realize what uncountable children are actually going through and not just in the past.

I think is also necessary to remember that there are people who for example may be anti-establishment (church and state) and are very often not bad people at all and often of the few that are prepared to push back on certain things. A lot of it comes down to how they are expressing themselves (particularly teenagers), so they will spray a number 666 on the wall or listen to music with dumb lyrics. The point is there are people like that who are not satanic at all within the meaning of the word. A lot of it is a bravado mechanism too as in 'i'm not religious but dont mess with me either' etc.
Thats on one hand, at the same time i think it can be fucking selfish on their part as it's obvious that a lot of everyday people see words like satanic etc as the embodiment of all evil and they are like rubbing it in their face. So yeah fucking selfish at the same time imo.

I think i can say that i can tell the woman in the video is saying it as it is and is recounting things that happened to her. I heard in this thread's podcast something about a 'technique' employed by god knows what, is things are done to children before the age of six so as to create disassociate identities or whatever the terminology is. Basically people, when something is that serious, often bury the traumatic memories deep inside and away, as a defense mechanism. There is plenty of evidence to show that as being a human reaction.
I think you could also say that someone could create scenes in their mind to express different pain they may be feeling and confuse them as memories.
In the case of this brave woman i don't think that is the case at all and that that is what she went through from when she was a baby and child even if some of her memories were a detail off. God fucking help us for allowing this to happen.

One thing she says, something which is completely understandable and you can tell she is not wishing ill on those who she considers propping up an essentially evil organisation just by their association. I think i have to say that from looking at masons as an organisation, i think they as with intelligence agencies, church organisations etc are riddled with the exact same individuals that have done this to her, and they're going to hell.

I spoke with someone once who passed away some years ago who i knew without doubt was a on whole good person. Maybe unaware about the presence of a very evil and corrupted streak that runs through the british establishment. As well as for decades unaware of the british governments propensity to lie. The 'weapons of mass destruction in Iraq' con kind of put that idea to rest though. So i knew someone and i feel i have to say i know without doubt was a good and honest person who had been in the masons for decades. He was quite taken aback when i said that i used to think all masonry was evil but that i now thought i could see that it was not bad as a whole but more like corrupted with very evil people among it.
I could see by his reaction that it was not something he had encountered. He told me that from his experience the tenent of masonry was to live an honourable life. At the time he said that he considered himself an atheist but he believed in the principles of the ten commandments. He said they asked him whether he believed in God when he first went to join which i think he said yes too and was ok with in himself as he believed in the tenents of the ten commandments. I think what am trying to say is that if someone on the whole good, spent decades in and around masons and he had that perspective from things that he could see other people doing around him (even though imo there is an obviously sick and evil element hiding within it) it is not the philosophy or teachings that seems to be encouraged and taught within the ranks in masonry, or the kind of practice that is in anyway apparent to most of the people there.

Anyway none of what am saying gets away from the fact of what is happening to children by the hundreds of thousands every year including by masons, right under everyones noses . Even government employees come out with an almost straight unaffected face and say that child abuse doesn't cost the state anything so that is the reason/excuse they are given as to why no resources are put towards combatting child abuse and saving children, whether from satanic ritual abuse, pedo pimps or the fucking pedos and satanic ritual abusers themselves.
So this is the 'excuse', when this satanic ritual abuse cult and pedo shite quite obviously imo as in many peoples opinion, not to mention the pitiful conviction analysis runs through the whole setup (see Dan Wilson thread post #369, Trump consciousness thread posts #5463 and #5466 for imo some of these shite that have become aware of). See information from Jon Wedger for an in depth analysis from someone who worked within child protection units in the uk for years for an overview of how prevalent child rape, killing and traffiking runs within the societetal setup in the uk. This also applies to every other major country on this planet to some extent or another.

Something that really fucking bugs me though which doesnt seem to get talked about much is that considering what kind of all out horror upon the victim crime is being commited, how it would not be obvious to most people that resources would be allocated accordingly. In a microcosm, lets say a village somewhere with 5 cops, if the children in the village were being satanically ritually abused and killed why the hell would the 5 cops be spending most of there time booking flytippers or what else? It is not fucking logical but a lot of people seem almost placated with the narrative of 'since child killing, rape and torture doesnt cost anything that is why it is allowed to happen'. Fuck you too.

I found it hard to watch

The video can also be found on the website www.jonwedgerfoundation.org
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These two kind of remind me of the book, American Cosmic, by D.W. Pasulka; - especially Khalid. I was happy to see Alex question Khalid a little bit about his "faith," and juxtapose that against being a deep thinker. I found all of Khalid's justifications as no more than excuses for believing in bullshit, just like any other "faith." Likewise, D.W. Pasulka leads us down this enticing adventure filled with possibility and wonder, but slaps a huge stain of Catholicism upon everything at the end of her book. I don't think that is necessarily a spoiler alert, as it is still a good story, but that is what happens.

Until we unfetter the mental chains of any religion, then we will be far from spiritual. I don't care how many assholes hit their forehead against a rug, or how many idiots wear a black robe in a citadel, pretending to be "holy" and protected by armed thugs.