Doctors find brain activity ten minutes after clinical death

Anyone seen this article yet? I looked and didn't see it posted here so I apologize if it has been and I missed it. Take a look and curious to know other's opinions...
It certainly offers no solace to those who are desperate for a physiological explanation for NDE. Three of the patients lost their brain activity many minutes before their hearts stopped completely. My (amateur) guess would be that in these cases the brain stem wasn't receiving enough blood flow (very low pressure) and as a consequence the brain can't function in any capacity.

In the patient with the reported delta waves (after the heart stopped) these are one step above death, dreamless, total unconsciousness. Maybe a couple of "agonal" heatbeats beyond the finishing line caused it.

The authors found no evidence of the large “delta blip” (the so-called “death wave“), an electrical phenomena which has been observed in rats